Grocery Shopping

So, I'm going grocery shopping tonight to stock up on some healthy things so I can plan better. So far, my list is:
Other Fruit
Tuna, Miracle Whip, Sandwich Thins
Turkey Slices
Chicken Strips
Fiber One Bars
Frozen Dinners (lean cuisine, healthy choice)

I usually have yogurt, a banana, and a fiber one bar for breakfast (not the most filling), was thinking tuna sandwiches for lunch(making my own instead of buying them from Subway), and chicken salads or frozen dinner for dinners. Snacks are fruit and nuts.

Does anyone have any other suggestions of little meals I can put together or some other snack ideas? How does my current line up look?


  • ChevyChick88
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    Try adding more protein.... I usually find this easier to get in at dinner. Try chicken breasts, lean meats, steak, eggs.

    I eat Chicken a lot becasue it's easy. I throw a chicken breast in a skillet and cook, then make a steamer in the mocrowave.... 15 minutes later dinner is done! Plus, you change the chicken up really easily with different marinades or seasonings.
  • ccarre81
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    looks good...but frozen dinners all week? I would go nuts!

    I take alot of my recipes from and plan my weekly meals accordingly... that is usually the basis for my grocery list (and depends on weekly sale flyers). I only shop once a week. Always on my lists are fruits, veggies, yogurt, milk, eggs, bread... and whatever ingredients I need for dinners. For lunches I usually have leftovers or homemade frozen meals (like chili for example). If I have nothing I bring some soups to work.

    BTW, my groceries rarely go over $100 and we are a family of 3.

    Add me as friend and message me if you need help with planning a weekly meal plan.
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  • You need more vegetables, more protein, and..I'd avoid the frozen meals if possible.
  • Vegetables for snacks and to make sandwiches more filling. Whatever you favorites are!
  • What about some veggies! Broccoli and lettuce are a must on my shopping lists! Try putting chicken in a crock pot. There are so many yummy things you can do with chicken and a crock pot. Stay away from the frozen food; even if they are lean cuisine, they have added preservatives and sodium to them that are not needed. Boneless skinless chicken breast can be baked in 20 minutes, super low fat, yummy and great source of protein!
  • msmimi
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    Stuff for salads-spinach, dark lettuces, cherry tomatoes, cukes, red onions, carrots, avocados,etc...
    Shaved turkey, roast beef, etc..Oroweat sandwich thins, pickles, lettuce, tomatoes,
    sides-sweet potatoes, frozen vegetables ex. broccoli, green beans, etc....cabbage for low cal. slaw, etc...
  • kaetra
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    If they have any ultra lean meat on sale pick some up, divide it into single servings then freeze it.

    I also use a lot of frozen veg in the winter. I like the mixed bags of frozen veg like Italian Blend, California Blend, etc. Microwaved with some seasonings, frozen veg work great and are easily as fast as a frozen meal.

    I grab a 4 oz. packet of chicken breasts out of my freezer, defrost it, cut it up and cook it with a bunch of fresh pre-sliced mushrooms and seasonings. It only takes about 15 minutes and it's so simple, yummy and filling. (I'd avoid the pre-frozen chicken breasts as they are injected with lots of sodium.)