Do you have a "ladies only" section at your gym?



  • Micheller1210
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    I prefer a womens only gym.......but then again I believe men should have a men only club. where they can talk business smoke cigars golf swim etc.
  • Lorleee
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    I really appreciated the women's only section at my old gym. When I was first starting to work out and was at my heaviest, I felt really uncomfortable and wanted as small an audience as possible. Now I work out at a community centre. It's co-ed but I don't care anymore.

    I think it's nice when the option exists.
  • GuruOnAMountain
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    My gym doesn't but when I first started out, I'd probably have felt more comfortable with one. I'd actually like a ladies only weights section because both the conditioning gym and the weights machines in my gym are always over-run with the kind of guys who draw their eyes off you the minute you walk in as though you have no right to be there, so I end up not using them because I feel too uncomfortable, even though I'd LOVE to get into weights.

    I usually go to classes, though, and as someone else said, they're full of woman. I do quite like that environment where it is all (or mainly all women). Makes you feel more free to be yourself.

    There is a whole chain of gyms here in the UK called Curves that are completely ladies only.
  • Nopedotjpeg
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    the kind of guys who draw their eyes off you the minute you walk in as though you have no right to be there,

    That sounds like your perception. Most guys that lift weights don't seem to have this mentality at all.
  • LiviLou2011
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    no we dont we are all mixed together..i enjoy it..seeing all the muscle men lol and women
  • LiviLou2011
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    I feel better working out around the guys..i feel like the women are the ones that judge me.
  • MB_Positif
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    Personally I like lifting around all the guys. Even though my body is not perfect, I am pretty sure they think it's awesome to see us girls working with free weights :)
  • The gym I went to and worked at in my hometown is woman's only.

    At first someone recommended it so I went and tried it, but I mainly stuck with it because it was a top floor gym, private and had 24/7 keyless access available, so it was mostly because it was clean, private and was completely empty if you went at the right time.
  • we overweight women don't want to be out on the big floor with all the hot people.

    Hey, just because I need to lose more weight doesn't mean that I am not a hottie too!!! :wink: :laugh:

    We do have a ladies only room, however, I work out all over the gym! I don't care. I am there for me & I hold my head high!

    If the others do not like what they see then they don't have to look. Just my opinion.

    We are all people trying to get fit & stay fit together! It's inspiring to me to see others in excellent shape :happy:
  • t3hsandy
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    Yes. We have a gym in our development that's attached to a water-park. There are a lot of children running around and it's busy. There's a secluded man area, and a little women's area. Nothing fancy, but to give some privacy and peace and quiet. Since I live in a family neighborhood/development, it gives the mommies some quiet time.
  • CateLouise
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    My gym has a womens only section that is more expensive then the normal gym. When i first signed up (i was like 17) i used the womens only section bc i was so embarressed by myself and also because my friend wanted to go there. But after about six months (also around the time i was no longer friends with my "gym buddy") i just did the classes so now i have a normal membership

    now i mainly do classes because i lack the self motivation......but me and my new gym buddy will normally go once or twice a week to the gym to do some cardio and weights etc

    i think the main thing was i didnt want to look like a retard trying to operate the machines haha =D
  • Matt_Wild
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    Its fine to cater for one group of people, but it misses the point. There are such thing as fat men that don't want to train in front of others due to their weights. There are more bulky muscled men that don't want youngsters getting in the way as they mess around on their phones instead of weights etc.

    Its positive discrimination and IMO in this day and age, it should be discouraged. It increases segregation and stops people mixing and encourages people apart and the idea we should be kept apart in different groups. Which then causes problems outside in the communities. Encourage people together, not apart.
  • Smuterella
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    Mine does, my gym is nicknamed "the big gay disco gym" as it is mainly attended by hipsters - generally gay men in the blacklit techno-techno cardio room and nerd glasses wearing women in the classes. I don't go often, I prefer working out at home.
  • Smuterella
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    And please remember it isn't all about vanity - there may be religious reasons behind why a woman would want to exercise away from male eyes. Certainly in my part of London.
  • lacroyx
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    I think the Zumba class I go to every week at my YMCA is. 30+ girls and 1-3 guys. and of the 3 guys there, one of them started his college semester so it's really down to 2 at the moment. me and this 60 yr old gent. but I haven't been kicked out of it yet. maybe I just blend in really well :tongue:
  • xSophia19
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    nope we dont :( in the gym i go to its not sectioned or anything, so men and women wounder all over the place..

    i find it quite intimidating sometimes, like when im running on the running machine and theres a really reallly fit lad on the running machine next to me, who is running at like 20 miles an hour and thers me running at like 4 miles an hour :blushing: i have to get off the running machine and go on something different just soo i dont feel so out of place ha ha!
  • I first joined Fernwood Fitness and it is an all female gym.
    it has recently merged with health and Fitness World so we now have the option of working out where ever. but the female bit is still female only.
    the upstairs gym is said to be for 'females and males who need to use the smaller weights.
  • Trixtabella
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    And please remember it isn't all about vanity - there may be religious reasons behind why a woman would want to exercise away from male eyes. Certainly in my part of London.
    This is what I was about to say, many religions frown upon women exerscising in mixed groups, in fact I just read a chapter on this in my uni course.

    There is a ladies gym in my gym its only a small room and doesn't have any free weights just machines. I do use it sometimes only because the main gym gets so full up.
  • BerryH
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    My regular branch doesn't, but the one near work does. I've never used it. Who doesn't work out harder when there's eye candy about!
  • rsmithy89
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    I like it when women lift free weights. It shows that they know what they are doing and I am really impressed! I also try my best to let them have their space and I dont look at them much (I am only human though).

    I think a guys biggest fear is lifting around the guys who are generally bigger and more muscular. I am talking about the scrawny guys that struggle to bicep curl 5kg dumbells.

    At my gym, these scrawny guys have found refuge in the body pump class. They are surrounded by women in there and can lift light weights to their heart's content until they have built up the strength and confidence to lift with the other men in the free weights area.

    Question is... should I feel guilty wearing a singlet to the gym and flaunting it? :P