If there was "1" thing you could eat, til' you puked, what w



  • kh0215
    kh0215 Posts: 56 Member
    chips. I don't think it is possible, I may have tried it before lol
  • rwwerner
    rwwerner Posts: 42 Member
    Peanut butter pie with oreo crust!!!
  • Ice cream..breads and any king of cheese!!!:tongue:
  • Portillo's chocolate cake!!! No doubts about it.
  • callherbeautyxo
    callherbeautyxo Posts: 124 Member
    Buffalo chicken pizza
    French fries
    all of the ice cream from coldstone
    and pilsbury chocolate chip cookies lol
    dont judge me you guys ;)
  • Liz915
    Liz915 Posts: 123
    Thin Mint girl scout cookies... OR mint chocolate chip ice cream. (Put those two together & you'll blow my mind! lol. Seriously these things cannot be allowed in my house! so sad!
  • ConnieM20
    ConnieM20 Posts: 497 Member
    bread. God's gift to Earth. drool..
  • Cookies, definitely cookies!
  • tuffytuffy1
    tuffytuffy1 Posts: 920 Member
    right now, green apples.

    When I am not pregnant and having awful morning sickness, than probably anything carbs. Really delicious breads, pastas, potatoes. Not a huge fan of fried anything though.

    Oh my God, when I was pregnant with my son, I HAD TO HAVE a green granny smith apple every single night as my dessert -- the one night of my pregnancy that we did not have granny smith apples in the house, I made my husband hoof it to the grocery store at 10 pm to get me one. How funny, isn't that a bizarre craving?
  • mbar12
    mbar12 Posts: 127 Member
    fresh yeast rolls or mint chocolate chip icecream
  • Stephanie198907
    Stephanie198907 Posts: 165 Member
    My downfall is "Potatoes"...................be it Chips, French Fries, Mashed, Homefries, etc.................

    Once I start, I can't stop...................

    Kindred spirit is that you? I LOVE potatoes. At my worst I was eating my way through a 5lb bag and a half a day. Just like you I can eat them any way and still be in food heaven.
  • oreo cookies ... dipped in peanut butter :D
  • lalala06
    lalala06 Posts: 153
    chocolate.. any kind.. :blushing:
  • kbw414
    kbw414 Posts: 194
    Tapioca pudding.
    Or a Thai mango custard!
  • liroez29
    liroez29 Posts: 221
    I don't like this thread, its making me hungry! lol:grumble:
  • spuleri
    spuleri Posts: 29 Member
    reese's eggs :))

    A woman after my own heart! Reese's of any kind!!!!
  • steelguy54
    steelguy54 Posts: 90 Member
    Peanut butter. I can eat it by the jar with a spoon.
  • jasonsurmillon
    jasonsurmillon Posts: 26 Member
    Baskin Robbins Chocolate Chip ICE CREAM :*(
  • lasagne and cheese pizza!
  • doodlebug21
    doodlebug21 Posts: 8 Member
    potato chips and/or sushi