Help me choose a dress!!!



  • hrharris70
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    Friday night is the Annual Presidential Ball at my husband's college. I'm trying to decide which dress to wear. It's a formal event. The red dress i got more than 10 years ago, and wore it twice before growing out of it. The black one I bought 9 years ago and wore it to the Presidential Ball the very first year the hubs and i were together. Bad news is I got sick, and we left after about 20 minutes, and i've never worn it since. I've lost over 30 lbs and fit into both of them again, and i'm ecstatic, but now i can't decide!!!

    The pics are terrible quality, and i look awful, so just look at the dresses, please!!!

    Definately the black one! Very sexy in the back but tastefully sexy.
  • Dayna154
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    The black one is most dramatic... vote black
  • minime2b
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    I really like the black dress!!
  • keenslk
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  • Black dress hands down. The event sounds like it is going to be an elegent dinner/party. The black dress is very sexy and slimming (more so than red) and would look perfect with diamonds! Hope this was helpful!

    Have a great time on Friday! :flowerforyou:
  • slbrown5
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    The black one is amazing! You look great in both, but I really like the style of the black one.
  • CarolineI
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    Totally go with the black one. You are just beautiful in it!
  • fionat29
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    I'm glad you chose the black!! That was my choice too!! Lol!!
  • Nactasha
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    Definetly black. It looks fantastic!
  • scicco
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    Black for sure.....
  • fatgirlslove
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    def the black one!
  • XXXMinnieXXX
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    Looks like you got your answer! Black all the way! X
  • I like both, but the back is way cuter in the black one.
  • Black!
  • EMarvie
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    Black one.. very very nice!!! congrats on your 30 lb loss!
  • rumsuck8
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    You are rockin the black dress and what is more presidential than black? Have fun and post pix of the ball later!!
  • chachita7
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  • Bronx_Montgomery
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    Black looks really good on you
  • teagin2002
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    I feel like the black dress is more timeless and appropriate. Both look FRUCKING AMAZING on you.. but I say wear the black. Dress it up with fabulous accessories and a nice pashmina.

    ^^ this
  • kieva626
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    dress #1 love it!