Help! I've fallen and I can't get up!

I've fallen into a rut, that is. I was doing so well, I'd lost almost 25 pounds over 8 months, but since the holidays are over, I've lost my motivation. I don't know if it's the colder weather or what, but I just don't seem to care anymore. I gained back about 5 pounds from Nov. to Jan., and managed to take 2 back off, but I seem to have given up. I've got this, "It doesn't make any difference, I can't lose anymore, so why bother trying," voice in my head. Any ideas how to make it shut up and get lost??


  • lizard053
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    For one, tell that voice to shut up! You deserve to be happy and healthy!

    Having been on and off and on and off a whole bunch of times, I know how you feel! Don't let yourself slack off! You can and you will do it!
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    Can you find a new motivation? I know what you mean about losing it... I did that in 2009 and proceeded to gain back every pound I had lost in 2008. But I had reached a goal, had my "wow" moment, and then... there was nothing new to shoot for. Try to think of some things that will help you kick yourself out of this funk and get you enthused again. Seeing someone, going somewhere, a new outfit... maybe getting a workout buddy would help, or joining something like WW or TOPS for a while so you can get some feedback? Joining a competition?

    Only you know the things that make you want to succeed... find a way to tap into those. :o)
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    I had the same feeling of defeat, and for a month I didn't exercise and just ate what I wanted... then I decided eventually (I don't want to be back to 189...) so I maintained my weight at 160 for a long time... and just recently I got Insanity and decided to kick my butt. I still got pounds to shed and I want to look amazing!!! If I were you I'd find something to motivate you. Like... for me... a clothes shopping spree when I reach 140? That isn't my thing, but I mean I'd love new clothes!
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    Don't lose hope! When I need motivation, I try to look at other people who are like me that are struggling and succeeding. Maybe you just need a reminder that losing the weight is f*ing hard, but the feeling after you lose each pound is priceless. :)

    You can do it!
  • That voice in your head has had its say, now you can ignore it. You are going to be hearing LOTS of voices out here telling you that you CAN do this. You need to stick with it. You deserve it. Change something up, if you want to, but don't quit. Pick a new exercise or activity to try, or find/invent a new recipe. Making my efforts "new" again sometimes helps to kickstart me when I've stalled.
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    I know how you feel; I just started to log my food again (today) after being away for three months. I weigh exactly the same as I did when I first started. I am 5’3 and 148lbs. I am beyond depressed with the way I look. I don’t even want my husband to see me naked. I know 148lbs does not sound like a lot but all of my adult life I have been 125-130. I think my problem as well as (I am sure) many others it is more psychological. I have this voice inside my head as well…”you’re going to be 30 next year, everyone gains weight as they get older”. The rational part of me says come on now, 30 is not “old” by any means, and there is no reason you can’t lose 15-20lbs! I just feel stuck and miserable; I don’t know where to find the motivation, dedication, or belief in myself. I am focused on my weight 24/7…something has got to give, and that is why I am back today 
  • Aggghhhhh! I have had this happen before, too! I didn't find a way out of it, and regained everything (and then some!) - and now I just wish I had found a way to care again. At least you have recognised this early on, and are trying to find a way to get back on track! Good work for asking for help on here (and for still logging on to MFP).
    * Could you find a friend who also wants to get fit, whom you can do stuff with? Even a walking buddy after work or at lunchtime?
    * What about planning towards a big reward holiday? But you can only book it once you achieve a goal of, say, one month's regular exercise, or a weight loss goal? And then stick pictures of the place all over your house to remind you?
    * Do you have any 'before' photos around? Stick them on the fridge along with your 'after' 25lb loss photos, to regularly remind you of how far you've come and how you feel better for it?
    * Maybe try a new way of exercising to spice it up - rather than hitting the gym, if that's what you did last time? Join a sporting team - so it that exercise is fun and social! Also - by joining teams and hanging out with friends more, you're focusing on life - not on your own weight!

    Feel free add me for extra motivation!
    Best of luck :)
  • Thanks for all the words of support, everyone! Lots of great ideas, I may try every one of them until something sticks. I'm planning to take my kids on a couple day trip to an indoor water park over Spring Break (1st week of April) and if being seen in a bathing suit doesn't motivate me to get my *kitten* in gear, nothing will. :laugh: