Activity Level and Logging Exercise



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  • Stil not sure what I should set mine as. I'm a student. Walk to classes, sit in them, walk to my dining hall. Walk around my dorm building (to communal bathroom etc.) And I have rehearsals most days (like 2 hours, but mostly standing around with very ight dancing, or even sitting.) I'm set at sedentary and I don't really log much because I'm confused.
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    I agree with you completly, Every step counts, and we are all diferent and go at our own pace. we all have our own victories and they need to be celebrated no mater how small someone else may think they are. We all start of slow and we all deserve to be respected and recognised.
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    Bump! I set mine to sedentary as I sit on my butt all day at work and then collapse on the sofa when I get home! I find that then being able to log my 4 miles of walking to and from work also motivates me to do it :o) Thanks for the great post :flowerforyou:
  • Thanks for this info because yesterday I burned quite a few calories but I have a leg that was messed up in a mva and I can't do much activity where I have to be on my leg but yesterday I decided that I had not been hurting that much by just doing the lowest mph walking so I decided to get up and do somethings and it would profit me in more than one way.
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    Thank you so much for this! I'm a homeschooling stay at home mom, and we have a home-based business. EVERYONE is home all day. I do all the cooking, cleaning and educating for my family. I also have a rotated pelvis and a bad knee, so I can't exercise like I used to. When I do *anything* outside the norm of my day (which, frankly, is almost too much some days, and sends me to bed in pain) YES I am going to log it. Because it takes effort and is an accomplishment. I have a hard time eating my cals as it is, so it burns me to see people saying I'm logging my "measly" 100 calories burned activities to cheat on my food. I do it so that maybe someday, I will lose weight and some day I'll be able to make it through a day without pain.

    Anyway, not to get all ranty in here, but thanks for the post!
  • Very helpful post. Thanks.
  • Thank you for posting this. I found this very informative. I'm new to this site but I love all the suuport I get from people and I love reading success stories for motivation. I have a desk job and set my setting at sedentary and I have only been logging my exercises I do and not the housework because well I really don't count that. I do zumba for the ps3 for 20 minutes 5 days a week.....for now. I will up the time very soon. Also I wanted to say that logging my calories and exercises has made me realize how much crud i used to eat and I'm changing that now. I also have a food journal that I take to work with me (because I can't be on MFP at work) and log that stuff in when I get home. Thanks again for posting this!!!!!!
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    And this is why I miss my warehouse job.
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    I go by what my treadmill tells me I have burned and then log it onto here. Because have read on some of these posts that the activity info is not very accurate on here.
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    Bump so I can refer to this when others on here complain about people logging cleaning etc.

    Haha amen! Those ppl have obviously never had roommates :D

    This info is great btw, thank you!
    I'm at an office job now, but in about a month I go back to my job as a performer which involves quite a bit of physical activity. I'll make my activity level 'active' at that time. Thanks!