Food scale? Yes or No?



  • twoscimitars
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    My food scale is the best investment I have made.
  • picassoadagio
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    L-O-V-E my scale. I often play the game of I guess it then weigh it so if I go places I can eyeball it.
  • BevsCalerieCount
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    I use my food scale, couldn't make it through a day without it. I like to be as accurate as possible with the amount of food I'm eating; it gives me a good idea where adjustments are needed.:smile:
  • shanolap
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  • HealthyAlison
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    I weigh my foods until i have a good feel for portion sizes, then i stop weighing.

    I do the same, checking certain new items that I eat, but only at home. I assume that what I eat is always somewhat variable, as is what I burn through exercise, so I like to give myself a calorie cushion. When in doubt I overestimate calories.
  • JennedyJLD
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    I invested about $25 in a scale that weighs in grams, ounces, and pounds. It is one of the BEST purchases I have ever made. ABSOLUTELY necessary for accurate food logging!!!
  • oh_mg
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    I actually just wrote a blog post on my decision to buy a food scale:

    I've had it for a couple days, and it's interesting. MFP has a medium pear at 89 calories. When I would eat a large one, I'd just add it in as 1.5 servings, or about 125 calories. By weight, I figured out a large pear is closer to 165 calories! 40 calories here and there add up very quickly!
  • BodybyPlants
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  • carolineb81
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    I always weigh everything now
  • mixedfeelings
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    Yes. It's helped a lot. I use my kitchen scales to weigh everything out, it's really worth doing.
  • taso42
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    Food scale is highly recommended if you're serious about success.
  • 99clmsntgr
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    Food scale for everything. Just about everything has some reference to mass for the serving size. I even use the food scale to divide up the finished portions of a recipe.

    And I use grams instead of ounces, as you get a finer break-down of the food's mass.
  • mrsbastone
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    LOVE LOVE LOVE my scale.. Worth every cent!
  • ratherbeskiing
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    I use my food scale faithfully!! I am a horrible judge of portion size!! The same goes for measuring utensils.

    ^^^ THIS
  • lnadeau66
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    yes, and when I slack, I pay..:explode:
  • chefanie85
    I really don't know what I would do without my food scale. I love that I can use either grams or ounces. It makes it so much easier to prepare my meals in advance. :)
  • tuffytuffy1
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    I bought a cheap one on Amazon, it's called the Eat Smart Precision Pro kitchen scale. I love it!
  • twoscimitars
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    My other trick: I went to the dollar store and bought a ton a small plastic containers. I weigh out portions of different foods and the keep them in their own containers so it's easy to grab-n-go. :)
  • Saxmis
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    I don't think I could ever imagine eating something that wasn't weighed out now.

    As someone else said, I'm also a horrible judge at getting portions right =)
  • vykkeye
    Yes....and measuring cups and tablespoons...I measure everything. And the best part is, after a while you're able to determine what a portion size is by looking at it yourself, which is great when you're at a party or a restaurant.