Cheesy Quinoa Bites



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    Will have to try this! :)
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    I made these a few weeks ago. My family did not care for them (i think it was the parm. cheese in it) but i gave them to my dog as a treat.

    My Mom happened to come for a visit (with her dog) and before she left she asked for the low cal dog treat recipe...
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    I've never had Quinoa before. What does it taste like? Is it flavourless or does it have a strong flavour? What would you compare it to? Does it have lower calories than rice, brown and/or white?
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  • It's a tiny little grain, smaller than rice. Not a strong flavor at all. Supposedly VERY nutritious. I have used it a few times now, and I love it!
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    Definitely want to try this! Thanks for posting!
  • That looks great, thanks for sharing! :D
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    I just made those and they were AMAZING! Def something that will become a regular snack for me