hi im new today

hi im new today and could really use some friends to help me begin my new phase in life : )


  • Hi there :O)

    I'm new today too. I really love how the food database has just about everything!

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    Request sent - good luck
  • tweetsmom
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    Hi newbies! Here are my favorites about MFP:
    1) the iphone app with scanning ability - you can scan the bar code on your food items to add them directly to your diary . . . . in a word . . . AWESOME!
    2) The recipe section - I love to cook, especially soups during the winter months, so I love that I can build my recipes and it will tell me how much a serving is in calories, fat, etc., AND I can also add those right to my diary!
    3) When you finish logging for the day, you complete your entry and it tells you where you will be in 5 weeks based on the day's eating. I love that!!! It is such a motivator to me because it shows me that if I continue to do what I'm doing, the scale is going to go down! I also think it's important on those not so good days to see how continuing to eat poorly will send the scale in the opposite direction!

    I have been using MFP for 35 days now and I love it as much, if not more, than the day I started. I just recently starting checking out the message boards (was mostly using my phone for logging food and exercise)! It's great to see how others are doing and to be able to take away tricks and tips for succeeding on this journey!

    Good luck to you all! Feel free to friend me if you want!