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What's your March to April goal?



  • medicrenee
    medicrenee Posts: 58 Member
    I would like to be in the 150"s at least 5.1 pounds lost.. seems harder the more I loose to keep loosing...ugh But on the upside. I'm getting more muscle and shape.
  • aotto87
    aotto87 Posts: 50 Member
    I would love to be 5 lbs lighter by April 1!
  • Raemama
    Raemama Posts: 203 Member
    Lose12 more pounds and increase exercise to four times per week (currently at 3x/week).
  • cowgirlslikeus86
    cowgirlslikeus86 Posts: 597 Member
    ~ Run 100 miles in March
    ~ Weigh 172 by the 1st of April (currently 177.8)
    ~ Have my size 12 jeans be baggy on me.
  • thepetiterunner
    thepetiterunner Posts: 1,238 Member
    My goals are:

    1. To run about 100 miles for the month.
    2. Start my marathon training plan.
    3. Continue to maintain my current eating plan.
    4. Lose a bit more in measurements (hip, chest, waist). I gave up the scale for Lent, so no weigh-ins for me!
  • KC4800
    KC4800 Posts: 140 Member
    Initially I wanted to be at 200 lbs by my birthday on Mar 31, but I'm already there, so I'd like to be 195 by April 1. That would give me 10 more lbs to my goal wt of 185.
  • SandersWifey
    March to April Goal


    :bigsmile: :bigsmile: :bigsmile:
  • rachaelclark2
    Well on April 2nd I turn 30 so a big goal is to fit into a SMALL new dress, and then on April 22nd I'm running the London marathon! Pretty big goals but I reckon do-able! : )

    Good luck everyone with your goals! x
  • k8blujay2
    k8blujay2 Posts: 4,941 Member
    I don't really have a weight goal for this month. But I do have a goal to finally shed the soda's and to exercise daily. If I can do at least that much, I will be happy. :-D
  • jhehle
    jhehle Posts: 88 Member
    I would like to lose 8-10 lbs in March to April...thats my goal. I have been doing this since January 9th of this year so almost 2 mos and have lost 25lbs! I just hope it continues :) Good luck to us all!
  • fittiephd
    fittiephd Posts: 608 Member
    Mine is to hit 130 lbs - I'm at 132.8 now!! But also to start doing more toning workouts along with cardio. Lastly I want to do some more research on being healthy on a budget. I start grad school in the fall and will have zero dollahs most of the time so I need to be able to stick to my plans then too!! Good luck everyone!
  • MrsKosal
    MrsKosal Posts: 415 Member
    I've been trying really hard not to set a specific weight goal with a time limit, so I don't feel like a failure. Especially with the way I lose weight. I tend to lose more inches.

    So my goal is to continue tracking daily and to workout 6 days per week.
  • mashallej
    mashallej Posts: 39
    I would like to lose 12 pounds! So go from 190 to 178. Go from a size 14 to a size 12. Lose inches
  • blynnblair
    blynnblair Posts: 274 Member
    1. Complete 30 day shred
    2. Stay under my calorie goal
    3. Lose 10 pounds (at least!)
    4. no more candy& junk food!!!!

    I had surgery in december, gained like 20 pounds and am having a hell of a time getting my eating under control to get back to where i was. I hardly have any clothes that fit comfortably because i got rid of all my "fat" clothes.

    One meal at a time I'll get there...feel free to add me so we can support each other to reach our goals! :happy:
  • anzi888
    anzi888 Posts: 102 Member
    My main goal is to go to the gym on every day off (I work 12 hour shifts). I aim at doing 60 minutes of cardio and about 30 mins of weight training. I want to keep up with healthy eating habits and hopefully by doing this I'll be able to be under 135 by April (currently 137). .. long term goal: run 5Ks again.

    Good luck everyone!!
  • Psyb3r
    Psyb3r Posts: 176 Member
    My March April goal is to add more strength training to my workouts and to lose another 4lbs. :flowerforyou:

    Good luck everyone!
  • busyblkgirl
    busyblkgirl Posts: 264 Member
    My goal is to be in a size 14/16 (i'm currently size 18/20). I'm hoping I need to buy a couple of new work uniforms by the end of March. I also plan to lose another 14-15 pounds this month :o)
  • Gabbytenille
    Gabbytenille Posts: 14 Member
    To be under 200. Just hit 207 today! I haven't been under 200 in around 6 years!
  • Brandongood
    Brandongood Posts: 311 Member
    God willing I would like to go from 15% to 10% bodyfat by the end of this month! Think I need to start switching to a 250 cal deficit as Im getting closer to my goal weight
  • gerbies
    gerbies Posts: 444 Member
    My March to April goals are as follows:

    Lose 12 lbs
    Be exercising 6 days a week consistently
    Taking at least 2 yoga classes a week
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