What is the stupidest thing you've done with your diet?

I am asking this, because I feel like the biggest dolt when I paid $50+ on a weigh-loss website that is similar to this one. I still want to kick my *kitten* for spending so much money.

I have also used diet-pills and other dieters tea to aid me in shedding weight. Thankfully, I read and educated myself to losing weight the correct and natural way.


  • jammiezene
    jammiezene Posts: 83 Member
    I have done a lot of dumb things. Paid for months of slimquick. The worst was probably paying $250.00 a month for nutrisystem. I can't believe I have lost more weight with mfp compared to 3 months of nutrisystem.
  • Shannota
    Shannota Posts: 312 Member
    HCG...definitely the stupidest thing I have done. Here's a shock...after 3 days on 500 calories a day...I was STARVING! Didn't matter if I was putting drops under my tongue or not.
  • AnneGenevieveS
    AnneGenevieveS Posts: 426 Member
    Let myself gain a LOT of weight back.

    It has been very hard for me to lose weight in the past. I know we all put so much hard work in to this. So to undo all the effort is so not worth the stress it causes me later.

    Good thing I am on track now and down to my smallest size as an adult!
  • hiker282
    hiker282 Posts: 983 Member
    The stupidest thing you can do with your diet is go on a diet. Eat what you love, just learn to control yourself and not eat the whole pig when you go to the luau.
  • alyson820
    alyson820 Posts: 448 Member
    diet pills. I passed out at work while taking them.

    I've also tried atkins (and felt horrible and sluggish the entire time), the 1-2-3 diet, and the master cleanse diet. when I did manage to lose weight on those, it never stayed off, and I ended up gaining more back than what I lost.
  • l_oudman
    l_oudman Posts: 373 Member
    After joining MFP last August, the stupiest thing I did was lose motivation for 3 months and sabotage all the hard work I had done losing 16 lbs (and feeling confident in myself) by putting it all back on. Motivation or lack of it is a real B****!! Though through the great friend network on here I am back and more determined than ever.
  • candicole007
    candicole007 Posts: 120 Member
    After joining MFP last August, the stupiest thing I did was lose motivation for 3 months and sabotage all the hard work I had done losing 16 lbs (and feeling confident in myself) by putting it all back on. Motivation or lack of it is a real B****!! Though through the great friend network on here I am back and more determined than ever.

  • eradik
    eradik Posts: 11
    In order of less-stupid to most stupid:

    Atkins - Lost quick but felt terrible. Couldn't eat an egg or a piece of bacon for months after two weeks on Atkins. Couldn't stand the food choices I had since I am a very picky eater. Lasted two weeks I believe before I binged on a Liverwurst sandwich and a Big Mac.

    Slim Fast Drink/Bars - Ugh, was fine for a day or two but then binged like crazy. Way to low calorie for someone like me, and expensive to boot

    Alli - Never had the "side affects" that it is known for, but I was so scared I would I barely ate. Then, once I figured out if a meal was too high in fat and I could just skip the pill, fell off the wagon quickly. Waste of money, big time!

    Nutrisystem - Total. Fail. Waste of money, tasted like garbage, high sodium, had to spend a ton on fruit and veggies. I thought it would be some magic system, but for someone who doesn't like veggies very much, made it hard to stay on track. I think I lasted a week. Had so much food left over. It was such a waste.

    MFP - No, I don't mean MFP is the stupidest thing I've done. Not starting it years ago, now THAT is the stupidest thing I've done. :)

    MFP in 1 month has resulted in more weight loss than all the above (with the exception on Atkins, but... I just hate Atkins so much).
  • beckys19
    beckys19 Posts: 119 Member
    So far, the stupidest thing I've ever done was to leave my scale on the stovetop while I was cooking something on another burner- my 3 year old let me know he had to go to the bathroom, and when I came back I found that I had turned on the wrong burner. My scale was all melty on the bottom and I had to scrape plastic off the cooktop :sad:
  • ntillberg
    ntillberg Posts: 26 Member
    Dumbest thing ever was ... getting started on MFP and then forgetting about it and not using it. Then I got lazy and stopped working out as well. Not only did the weight settle on but I felt awful. Tired all the time.

    I'll be logging in EVERY day!
  • mallory3411
    mallory3411 Posts: 839 Member
    Stupidest thing I've probably done would be allowing myself to gain back the 50+lbs I lost a few years back.

    I also tried a diet pill once.... was incredibly stupid.
  • eblake111
    eblake111 Posts: 66 Member
    I quit a year ago...so back to the drawing board :)
  • Skinny_Beans
    Skinny_Beans Posts: 405 Member
    When I first tried addressing my weight gain, I would log food into mfp, but was still eating junk. After a few weeks of logging "2 hotdogs, buns","dunkin donuts sandwich", and wondering why I wasn't losing weight, I gave up for a few months.

    I feel pretty stupid now, but i'm glad I completely changed my diet and habits.

    It's almost scary to think of the mindset I was in, knowing I was eating my daily allowance of calories in one meal and still hoping i'd magically burn fat...I guess that's sort of how most people who don't lose think though.
  • Jennnnnnnny
    Jennnnnnnny Posts: 373 Member
    Seeing progress then rewarding myself by eating like crap the next day and wondering why I gained what I had loss back.....smh
  • moochachip
    moochachip Posts: 237 Member
    I ate under 1000 calories a day for several months. Sent to the hospital after one day my body wouldn't get out of bed.

    Most expensive and stupid diet.
  • kbmnurse
    kbmnurse Posts: 2,484 Member
    Not kept my food diary up. Bad mistake.
  • cowgirlslikeus86
    cowgirlslikeus86 Posts: 597 Member
    I have a couple:

    Slim fast-Lasted a week. Gained it all back

    Atkins- Lasted a week. Gained it all back

    HCG- Lasted 2 weeks, lost 11lbs, almost passed out SEVERAL times, gained it all back plus 5lbs

    HCG- Lasted the whole 3 weeks, lost 17lbs, gained it all back plus 10lbs

    Thank God I am using MFP. 8 weeks and by Monday, should have a 17-18 lb loss and am running 5-8 miles a day on average. SO much energy!!!
  • chevy88grl
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    All the gimmicks I tried --

    Atkins - Followed it to the letter and gained 10lbs.

    Metabolife - didn't lose a pound, but I did pass out regularly.

    Slim Fast - Didn't mind it, but the only weight I lost was water weight

    Weight Watchers - was ALWAYS hungry and disappointed that a tuna sandwich would use nearly all my points

    Need I go on?

    Eat less, move more. The key to successful, long term weight loss. No, it doesn't happen overnight - but you didn't gain it all overnight, so why would you lose it overnight?

    And this isn't a "diet" to me, this is a lifestyle change. Nothing is truly off limits to me. There are things I don't eat or like, but nothing is completely off limits.
  • Helloitsdan
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    Isolation workouts and heavy cardio
  • textlikekisses
    the master cleanse.....
    I mean, I don't regret doing it - but that was a hard week for sure. I think it ended up slowing my metabolism down. Now I just stick to eating within my calories, not denying myself foods i like, exercising at the gym, and using MFP for support :)