Anyone else on 1200 cal/day and want a new friend?

LushLoni Posts: 161 Member
Hey all

Been on MFP since last year, seems like a lot of the friends I had previously have either dropped the ball themselves and stopped logging or deleted me from their friends list.

Anyhoot, it means that I would love some new buddies to learn from and encourage. I'm currently on a 1200cal/day plan and I'm hoping to lose perhaps another 20lbs now, I'm 26 and from the UK... Feel free to add me!


  • Jenny1061
    Jenny1061 Posts: 29
    I just started today! I will add you. =)
  • Joannie30
    Joannie30 Posts: 415 Member
    Hi! I'm on 1200 cals a day (MFP suggestion not mine). Just started a few weeks ago and need all the help i can get. I have another 20lbs or so to lose!

    I'm from Scotland but live in County Durham now :)

  • I started on Friday and am 1200 cals a day...and I definitely did not suggest that (but the more weight I lose, the better!)! Could use some support and would love to be supportive of other's journeys!! I'm 27 in the US...will add you! :)
  • jjennyb4
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    Feel free to add me.... I have 14lb's to go. We need all the help we can get :)
  • mjj6774
    mjj6774 Posts: 3
    Hi I am on the 1200 cal too : ) Nice to meet you. I am from the US. In fact I am from Indiana. So good luck!
  • laceybrobie
    laceybrobie Posts: 495 Member
    On week 2 of this 1200 and so far doing good. By the time I have to eat again I'm still full from the last time
  • LushLoni
    LushLoni Posts: 161 Member
    Ahh, THIS is why I love MFP - everyone is so lovely and positive!

    Lacey I want to know your secret! I think my body is still getting used to not being fed sugar and fat constantly :-s

    Good luck everyone :-) x
  • lucey928
    lucey928 Posts: 17 Member
    I am and I just started today** Good Luck I have 30lbs to lose I am trying to have a nother baby
  • pamelad77
    pamelad77 Posts: 292 Member
    Me too, 1200 cals. Been on here since jan and loving it. Feel free to add me :smile:
  • Klem4
    Klem4 Posts: 398 Member
    Hello! I'm 24 and im on 1200 cal/day too. I'd love some new friends that might comment once in awhile. :) I'm down 10lbs since January. Have 18lbs more to reach my 1st goal.
  • Sujibean
    Sujibean Posts: 6 Member
    Hi Everyone!

    I am also attempting a 1200 cal day diet. I have not been successful, but today I am committed to getting back on track. Any friends that want to add me would be appreciated. I would love friends so we can help motivate each other!

  • Kelekat
    Kelekat Posts: 174 Member
    I was at 1200 for about 5 weeks with few results. I just moved my caloric intake up to 1410 and started serious weight training via "The New Rules of Lifting for Women" about 8 days ago. I've dropped 3 pounds in that time.

    But I know and feel your 1200 calorie a day pain. Feel free to add me if you like :bigsmile:
  • natyts
    natyts Posts: 89 Member
    Feel free to add me on 1200 also ..Want to loose about 35lbs :-) n for the summer fingers crossed good luck everyone
  • I am on the 1200 cal/day. Please add me :flowerforyou:
  • glyncoco
    glyncoco Posts: 20 Member
    Also on 1200! I've been doing well and then slipping for a few months now. Have already lost a lot, looking to lose another 10-15 before summer!
  • BaDaSsBrUnEtTe
    BaDaSsBrUnEtTe Posts: 518 Member
  • I am on the 1200 plan... and would love some new 1200 cal friends. Add me. :happy:
  • mab33
    mab33 Posts: 242 Member
    I'm on 1200 calories a day, but I eat back my exercise calories to keep the 1,000 calorie a day deficit. It's working for me (since mid January). Add me if you like :)
  • BaDaSsBrUnEtTe
    BaDaSsBrUnEtTe Posts: 518 Member
    I am!! I will ad you. I'm looking for support and motivation as well. Others feel free to add me as well.
  • jna1957
    jna1957 Posts: 53
    add me if you'd like. I am on 1200 - been confused for the last fortnight on how much to eat but after some advice from MFP believe I have a handle on it now!