Egg intolerance

No matter how many times I try, I PAY when I eat eggs. If they are mixed in something I do fine. But if I scramble or like today, make egg muffins-- WOW, bloating, cramps, etc. Im the only one I know that reacts like this. Anyone else have the same?


  • Sageyoku
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    yep, right there with you :/

    pretty sure we may indeed have egg intolerance, which is a shame as they're cheap protein.
    i notice that my symptoms are lessened if i use egg whites as opposed to whole eggs.

    here are some articles from LiveStrong: (wow, spiffy picture haha)

    personally, i still like eggs and will not cut them out unless they are interfering with my work.
  • dls06
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    I am the same way. I eat egg white omelets with tons of veggies now and never have a problem. I guess it's the yolk?
  • Sageyoku
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    I am the same way. I eat egg white omelets with tons of veggies now and never have a problem. I guess it's the yolk?

    According to Wiki: "egg yolk allergies may be somewhat more common in adults."
  • Inlet
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    I am the opposite. I'm very intolerant of egg whites. I ate an egg white omlet and I had people asking when the baby was due. :-p just eating the yolks now. :-) no whites anymore! Apparently egg whites have anti-nutrients and a compound that inhibits digestion for some people.
  • jhann16
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    I have developed an egg intolerance over the last six months. I can eat then in things but not eggs alone. No clue why. One doctor said it is due to an overgrowth of intestinal yeast but who knows.
  • suzi67
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    I dealt with that in my younger years, strangely it was worse during my cycles. I found that having some kind of acid with them, and it was mainly the whites that affected me, seemed to cut through the bloating and other symptoms I had. As I have gotten older I have been able to tolerate them.:happy:
  • For what its worth I've read that some people with egg intolerances' are actually intolerant to soy. Since the majority of chicken feed contains soy (since it is so cheap from federal subsidies) it makes it's way into the eggs and can cause people problems.
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    I think egg yolks are gross.
  • ilookthetype
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    Time to stop eating them, some people can have the yolks not whites and vice-versa, maybe try that. I know a lot of people who love tofu scramble, if you're okay with soy try that.
  • nisemac
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    started about 6 years ago. noticed that anything with a large amount of egg yolks caused some VERY unpleasant things. so i switched to egg whites. but for 2 years now, i can no longer stomach egg whites. i can still eat baked items made with eggs--as long its not excessive.

    i have no problem with soy.
  • If any part of the egg is still runny (just a litle bit of raw egg), I my ears and throat start to itch. What's that about?

    Oh yeah, and they give me gas, too.
  • klynn81
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    yep. egg intolerance here as well. and it suuuucks. never used to be like that, but it developed about 9yrs ago.

    i'm fine if i eat something that eggs have been baked into at a high temperature, but scrambled. fried. hard boiled. egg salad, etc. and even recently the egg used to make crepes or french toast sometimes bothers me. I keep telling myself, maybe this one time it won't, but I always end up paying for it with the most horrid pain in the core of my stomach all day long.

    i've tried egg whites alone but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Even went so far as to buy fresh organic free range eggs from the market but that was a no go too. so now i just accept it and avoid them.
  • gidgeclev
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    I've been intolerant to eggs since I was a child... it's very common. I can eat them in baked items as long as there is only say a couple of eggs in an entire cake but I can't eat Victoria sponge. If I eat egg (even mayonnaise) I get a blinding headache and throw up. It's a pain as eggs are so easy and convenient and I love cooking omelets for other people. They smell gorgeous and I really wish I could have them.
  • I've been having problems also but not sure if it is the eggs or wheat/gluten. Usually when I eat eggs I have wheat toast or bread. I have eaten fresh brown eggs and seem to be bothered by them also. I get stomach cramps, feel sick to my stomach and have diarrhea. I have noticed that I have become lactose intolerent also.
  • OMG me too! Just hideous and not sure why this is happening now. Walk with friends on the weekend and always have a delicious breakfast at a beachside cafe. Combination of eggs, sourdough and coffee is great for about 1 hour then show me the bathroom! Any cures for this?
  • Well I'm happy there are others here with the same problem I've been experiencing! I can't seem to have cooked eggs any which way, with the exception of them being cooked into baked goods, i get so bloated all day long. Same thing has happened with milk (doesn't matter if it's whole or 1% or skim). When i realized my daily breakfast of milk and cereal was causing me bloating all day, i eliminated it from my diet and felt so much better. Same with eggs. I just don't understand, I never had any kind of food intolerance or allergies before. This all started about a year ago. It's horrible because I love both, but I've found that I'd rather avoid them than be uncomfortable for the remainder of the day. :/
  • Tinacrouse
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    This just started with me, yesterday I ate 3 egg whites, and oh my what pain.
  • emmanap91
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    I am the same way. I eat egg white omelets with tons of veggies now and never have a problem. I guess it's the yolk?

    According to Wiki: "egg yolk allergies may be somewhat more common in adults."

    Wow now I feel like a d!ck. Ever since he was a kid my brother said he couldn't eat eggs because they make him sick, but he was (and still is) the pickiest eater I know - and eating baked goods that contain eggs never bothered him - so I assumed he was just making it up because he didn't like the taste of eggs.

    I'm going to apologize to him.
  • MinnieInMaine
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    Are you eating real eggs or egg beaters? A friend of mine can eat eggs just fine but for some reason those egg beaters bother her stomach - strange. Another friend is totally allergic to eggs and will get quite ill if she eats them.

    Be careful if you get a flu shot.
  • melsinct
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    It is admittedly a pet peeve of mine, so I just want to make clear what a food allergy is versus a food intolerance, as they are not interchangeable terms. A true allergy means your immune system mistakes the food as being harmful and attacks it; the symptoms will likely come on suddenly and even a small amount of the offending food can trigger a reaction. Intolerance means your body can’t properly digest and process the food and it could take hours or even days for the reaction to manifest.

    Egg intolerance or allergy stinks...they are in everything and are such a great source of cheap protein. I have a dairy intolerance and that is a PITA to work around too, so you have my empathy!