Increasing goal calories

Has anyone had any luck eating more that their goal calories in order to break a plateau? It has taken me 2 years to go from 13 stones to 9 stone 13 which I have been stuck at forever!! I have my calories set at 1290 at the moment, goal weight 126 pounds so 13 pounds to goal weight. I exercise about 5-6 times a week for an hour and eat back most of my 300 exercise calories


  • Jade17694
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    Yep, mine were set at 1200, reset my diet settings (added exercises & changed activity level) now i eat 1340 + exercise ones. Started this Sunday..come monday morning weigh-in 2lb had gone. I'd been stuck for weeks at the weight i was so don't think it was just luck i generally think i hadn't been eating enough...
  • elo83
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    Theres a group for this very thing.
    its an excellent group you should join!
  • antihillmoby
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    Going to give it a go thank you.
  • olong
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    BUMP I'm interesting in knowing, too. Haven't yet hit a plateau, but I am about 10lbs shy of my current goal (might later decide to aim for 5 lbs less if I reach this current goal) and am simply waiting for the last few pounds to refuse to budge.
  • Hourglass25
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    Since increasing my calories I am lean and happy:)