Hello! New British girl with lots to lose.



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    Helo- I'm interested in finding out more about SW
  • Sabinna
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    From UK too, feel free to add me :)
  • Hello! Welcome. You can do it. We're all behind you :).
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    Hi and welcome. I'm a Brit too, feel free to add me :smile:
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    Feel free to add me.

    I am singularly bad these days with meeting new people so yes, please add me. :)
    I love all things Anglophile and hope by hanging out with other Brits the poshness will rub off on me...
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    Hi Stephanie,

    You've done amazingly well to lose 31lbs so far - well done! :happy:

    Everyone hits a bad patch now & again, but I would say you've definitely come to the right place for motivation.

    I've also been a member of Slimming World in the past (more than once!) - as well as just about every other UK slimming club at one time or another! :ohwell: But I feel the support on here is the best I've ever found.

    Good luck with losing the rest of your weight! Feel free to add me as a friend if you like :smile:
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    I have that problem with a running machine but my gym has tv on theres so i tend to work out when somthing is on tv i want to watch and also i will switch it up doing 15 mins on a hill 15 mins running then say in the adverts il put it on a high pace and sprint

    Thanks everyone. I have sent requests to those who said i could :smile:

    I do zumba twice a week and lots of walking. I also have a cross trainer at home and try to get on that at least 3 times a week too but tbh i find it a bit boring and only manage about 20 minutes each time.

  • Welcome!:D
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    Im not from Britain but i need to lose a lot , like you.
    feel free to add if you want
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    I am a Canadian women, i guess we are all here for the same reason ,feel free to add me i to have a lot to loose and well do what I can to help all.
  • hiya,,, im anotha brit, plenty to lose and always looking for more freinds and support ,, please feel free to add me.