415 Days on MFP.... Look at Me Now!!!! w/pics



  • AngelikaLumiere
    AngelikaLumiere Posts: 862 Member
    Your photos look like you took pictures of an older heavier relative and a younger athletic relative. You are not the same person anymore so very happy for you and your family!
  • Just_One_Me
    Just_One_Me Posts: 66 Member
    MAN OH MAN ! YOU LOOK GREAT ! What have you used for your stomach? CONGRATS !
  • That's awesome!
  • reashamoriba
    reashamoriba Posts: 121 Member
    that is amazing great
  • Irene8509
    Irene8509 Posts: 381 Member
    Whoohoo...awesome job!!! Congratulations on your hard work and effort. you look amazing:flowerforyou:
  • markymarrkk
    markymarrkk Posts: 495 Member
    WHOOAAA! That's AMAZING! congratulations you look fantastic!
  • luhluhlaura
    luhluhlaura Posts: 278 Member
    Holy molyyyy you look like an entirely different person. WOAH! Congratulations!
  • aftergypsies
    aftergypsies Posts: 248 Member
    Wow you look so amazing and like a completely different person!
  • veggieshark
    veggieshark Posts: 153 Member
    This is amazing. It must feel so good. And you've uncovered such a beautiful face by losing all of that weight. You look lovely. <3
  • HOly *kitten*, You look great good job! They should post your pictire everywhere for everyone to see what a person can do. You must be a very strong willed lady. Congrats again keep it up.
  • TabithaRose87
    TabithaRose87 Posts: 44 Member
    This brought tears to my eyes, I am so insprired, good for you!! WOW JUST WOW!!! You look amazing!
  • Jpdelue
    Jpdelue Posts: 1
    WOW! Awesome
  • czechmate823
    czechmate823 Posts: 89 Member
    Ah-mah-zing! You look incredible, and probably finally feel like the person on the outside matches who you were on the inside all along. You are beautiful, determined, and FIERCE!! Your commitment to get healthy and be the best you is inspiring. Thank you for posting your milestones for all of us to see. But not fair for posting the pics of the home gym, I'm so jealous... :tongue: Cheers!
  • jameejune
    jameejune Posts: 10 Member
    You look fabulous!! I'm on my journey and it is so inspiring to see stories like this. Thanks so much for sharing.
  • Krahn1984
    Krahn1984 Posts: 57 Member
    You look GREAT, congrats!!!!
  • New_Atti2ude
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  • N4monsters
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    That's AWESOME!! Way to go!!!
  • mrselanco2268
    mrselanco2268 Posts: 38 Member
    Congrats on your weight loss victory, you look absolutely healthy and fit!
  • biggestkahuna
    biggestkahuna Posts: 21 Member
    WOW amazing transformation ! Your smile says it all.
  • LuckyAng
    LuckyAng Posts: 1,173 Member
    You look incredible!! Love the home gym! :)