Really silly (newbie) question

I searched the forums and couldn't find the sorry if it's been recently addressed!

If I track my calories burned with a heart rate monitor, how can I just input those calories in my Exercise tab? I don't want to assign it to an activity, I just want to say I burned 500 calories and have them added to my daily log.

Help? Thanks in advance.


  • AZKristi
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    You have to assign it a name, but it need not be specific. Create a cardio exercise category and just call it Exercise Calories. There are lots of very general categories, such as aerobics, walking circuit training, etc that you can use as well.
  • lrbohn
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    go to log an exercise. Write in what you did, they will give suggestions, you can just choose the option to add a new one to your database and they will ask you what you called the exercise, how many minutes and how many calories.

    Hope that helps!
  • GibsonDarlin
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    i couldn't find a "quick add" like you do in the food section.
    If I was you - I would make your own.... Title - Workout - HRM and log based your HRM calculations
  • jody664
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    If you click on Exercise, then My Exercises, you can create your own custom exercise and then just put the calories in from your HRM. I have one called Gym (HRM), so it doesn't matter what I did at the gym (elliptical, Arc Trainer, treadmill), I just put the calories in. But.....I've started working with a trainer and we often do stuff that's NOT at the gym, so now I've renamed it Exercise w/HRM.

    Hope that helps!
  • Tree72
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    Just create your own exercise. You'll have to give it a name, but you could just call it something like "HRM adjustment" or something that makes sense to you. Then it will show up on your list of most used and will be easy to select.
  • jerren
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    EXERCISE, type in say (WALKING), then a list will pop up, under the list you will see "Can't find what you're looking for? Add an exercise to the database". Click that. Then you can put in there, walking -HRM stats and then you can put you custom calories in there.

    I hope this helps.
  • akgrl1020
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    Are you wearing your HRM during an activity, or for several hours? You could just select Aerobics, General. I don't think there is a way to quick add exercise calories burned. After you select an exercise once, you can just reuse that for future.
  • My1985Freckles
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    Can I ask a stupid question lol? Why don't you want to assign it to a particular exercise? Is this a combo of exercises? And just a note, for a HRM to be "accurate" you should be doing cardio exercises that get your HR into at least the "low intensity" burn mode. (60-70%). HRM's use an algorithm to calculate the calories burned, but if your HR is not in the "burn range" the calculations won't be accurate. Strength training can get your HR into a "burn mode" but it is a lot harder to do so and your average HR for the workout often times is not in the burn range.
  • My1985Freckles
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    Are you wearing your HRM during an activity, or for several hours?

    Good question. Calories burned during your regular daily activities are already included in your calorie allowance. If you add these as exercise calories and eat them back, it will impact your rate of weight-loss. If you are famished on your current calorie setting, reduce your projected weightloss to a lower amount that allows you to feel comfortable. If you are "starving" you are more likely to binge which is also not healthy. Slow and stead wins the race. :-)
  • mollz33
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    No, it's only during exercising time, but it's a combination of all of my activities (ex: running on the treadmill for 30 minutes, then doing the bike for 10 minutes, then strength training for 20 minutes, etc.).

    Thanks to all for the advice!