Looking for c25k friends :)



  • sarscott
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    I just finished week 8 and ran just over 3 miles yesterday! :bigsmile: This program is awesome!

    I plan to keep running this distance and am entering a 5k fun run at the end of May (that's the soonest local 5k I could find!).

    My advice - get good shoes, go slow, and keep at it. Don't let the next run or any of the future runs scare you or keep you from moving forward because you don't think you can do it yet. I was nervous too - I've never been a runner - but I gave each new week and new challenge a shot, knowing that if I really couldn't do it, I'd repeat a day or a week as needed - no shame in that. But I surprised myself and managed to complete each new challenge! Some days were better than others, some days were harder than others, I think that's just part of running or any exercise program - you have stronger days and weaker days. No big deal, just do your best.

    I'm excited to have completed the program and feel very accomplished. Good luck - you can do it!

    ^^Great advice & encouragement!
  • shesgotaplan
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    This is Week 1 for me (will be Day 2 tomorrow) as well, so fellow C25K'ers feel free to send me a friend request. :-) I'd like to be able to run a 5k this summer so I can use all the help I can get.
  • alliesun53
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    Feel free to add me!! Im up to week 6, day 1 tomorrow. Trust the program...IT WORKS!!! I started out barely making the 1 minute intervals...and Friday did the 20 minute run no problem!! :)
  • lifeisahighway
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    I did week 5 day 3 yesterday (yayyyyyy!) And now am moving on to week 6. I'm so excited because this program works so well. Feel freee to add me!
  • kiranicsmom
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    I completed the program 2 years ago and successfully ran eight 5Ks that year. I restarted last week and today did W4D1. I plan to get back to running and log some miles this year! I love and believe in the program! Feel free to friend me! I will be running at least twice a week from here on out!
  • ishallnotwant
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    Starting week 4 tomorrow and I love new friends! :flowerforyou:
  • I just signed up for a 5K on May 19th! Problem is, I'm only on Week 1 of C25K. I have never considered myself a runner, but I WANT to do this. Hope I can at least finish!
  • mlwood428
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    I just started the C25K today. I'm not really a runner, but I want to become one. I did my first day today and it went pretty well! Feel free to add me! We can do this :)
  • lenatuck
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    I'm in my 3rd week this week! (would be 4th but i got sick) i'm enjoying it heaps! Feel free to add me if you want!
  • jenniejoy07
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    I'm starting week 3 on Wednesday. Feel free to add me!
  • jenniejoy07
    jenniejoy07 Posts: 78 Member
    My first 5k since high school (I'm 24 now) is June 2. The Chicago color run!
  • Miarenee3
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    Hi :)

    I'm Currently on Week 2. I'm using a version from my phone, so it is slightly different. instead of the 9-week program, it is an 8-week program. is anyone also doing this?

    Good Luck to everyone :)

  • courtneymal17
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    I just finished week 5 day 1 today! I cant believe I"m running for 5 mins straight lol! But yeah...definitely good shoes are a must..and a big thing is GO SLOW! Dont run as fast as you can on the first run or you'll be gassed by the end! Keep your pace slow! I've been going slowly the first day of an interval, then picking up speed the next two days. Also, dont be afraid to register for a 5k sooner rahter than later! I ran(/walked) my first 5k two weeks ago after I was only done with week 3!! It felt amazing just crossing the finish line and definitely gave me motivation and the confidence that I CAN do the 3 miles! Oh and any of you can add if you'd like :) I'm loving c25k and woud love more friends that are doing it!
  • jella74
    jella74 Posts: 106 Member
    Started week 2 and not too bad UNTIL I got to the last run then it hit me like a ton of bricks! LOL!! Day 2 is gonna get done today no excuses!!!

  • akitt1207
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    I'm planning to start C25K tonight. I'm definitely not a runner, but hoping this program will help me enjoy it a little more! Add me if you'd like!
  • joanbip
    joanbip Posts: 6 Member
    I started week 2 yesterday. My long term goal is to lose weight, my short term goal is to do move off the couch :). I run with an iPhone app, that makes all the difference to me. So far so good, with the exception of one possibly inflamed muscle. I am motivated to run, still not doing well diet-wise, but hoping to find inspiration/motivation here. Add me if you can. Good luck with your running!
  • joanbip
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    I'm dong Week 4 Day 3 today! I'm doing it because I like the feel of running, plus I want to play soccer again!

    And the Zombie 5K does look really interesting...

    waaaaait, what is Zombie 5K??? (if Zombies run behind, you, you'll run faster? lol)
  • jella74
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    I'm also asking what is the Zombie 5k???

    My goal is to run the Crescent City Classic here in New Orleans in 2013!!! It's been my goal for a long time but I never made it past c2-5k's week 4 cause I'd wind up pregnant!!! NOT THIS TIME since I'm done having babies! LOL!! So when week 4 gets here everybody pray for me! LOL!!!

    Y'all add me! I would love the motivation, help and advice!!
  • I'm currently on week 5 of c25k. My first 5k is on June 23rd. I have been struggling with week 5 for two weeks because I keep getting sideaches. Feel free to add me as a friend too! We can motivate each other!