THIS can't really burn THAT many calories...!

Hi mfp!

I was hoping to get some opinions on this from musicians and non-musicians.

I'm a trombonist currently playing on tour.
The show I'm in is two hours long with a 15 minute intermission.
I'm standing the entire time, and play constantly for the whole two hours.

Now according to MFP and many other fitness sites, a person of my height and weight burns 320 calories doing this amount of playing.
This means that on days where I have three shows, I'm supposedly burning over 900 calories!!!

That can't be right...can it??

If it helps, let me add that the MET value of this activity is 3.5 according to this website:

I sweat during the show, and feel tired/hungry afterward, but probably not 900-calorie-deficit tired haha.

Before you even ask, YES, I plan to get a good heart monitor so I can get a more accurate count.
BUT! I would like some opinions! If I am legit playing the trombone for a solid 2 hours, do I really burn this many calories?
What do you think?


  • meshashesha2012
    meshashesha2012 Posts: 8,344 Member
    why not? you're being active?
    the question is whether or not you should count it as exercise... do your gigs result in you losing weight? if so then count it as exercise on MFP if i doesnt then consider it part of your TDEE
  • Sageyoku
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    Right forgot to mention, my activity level is set at 'sedentary' so that I can log all exercise.