want some friends who are very dedicated to lose 10-20 lbs

Hey I'm new to my fitnesspal. In fact happened across it yesterday at work. Loving the acountablility that it involves. I'm 32 would like to lose 20 lbs and I'm also getting married next summer. But I would like to see it gone by this summer. Just wanting some friends on here that are out to make goals.


  • Add me! I only have 2 other friends on here.. wish I had more support. I am down 40lbs and have 30 to go!
  • F1uffy2
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    Feel free to add me. I've got just over 20lbs to go so am almost halfway already. I've been a member since January and have had a nice steady loss. I exercise 4 or 5 times a week. I can honestly say this is the most determined and focused I have ever been. I know I will get where I want to and am happy to support but expect support in return.x
  • Hey. I just started yesterday too. I am 34 and want to lose 20-25 lbs. Add me if you'd like. I don't have anyone else "policing" my progress, yet. ;-)

    So ready to love my summer clothes again!
  • TKHappy
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    I've got 14 to lose!! You can add me if you like....this weight is definitely coming off, motivated to the fullest here! :)
  • I need to have about 15-20 pounds gone by June. :D Add me.
  • jessmars
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    Add me...or ill add you...I just lost 10 looking for 20 by summer but 60 overall goal.....always nice to have people keep you and them on track
  • kbuelo
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    16 lbs for me and working hard at it! I'm new, too. Add me if you like!!
  • Krisgren
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    I'm here too!! Looking to lose 10-15 and nots not going so well so far :(
  • hi add me, im looking to loose 18lbs and just started monday x
  • weighlossforbaby
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    I have 22 lbs to lose! You all can add me :)
  • cmalder
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    I was just reading your post whilst on the exercise bike at the gym!
    Yes please add me, I'm new to this and have 20lbs to shift!
    Good luck.
  • jon40084
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    I'm aiming to loose 20lbs ( for my first goal ). Feel free to add me - I joined last week.
  • missjewl
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    I am aiming to lose 20 or more too ! i can help you if you help me :)
  • yocellyz
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    Hi horses1jessi,

    I'm new too just started and only have one friend and would love more. I'm getting married this year in the fall, and I need to lose 20lbs. So I'm super motivated. I really like this app. its great. So add me :)
  • CoffeeNBooze
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    Anyone can add me. This time I'm looking to lose 10ish lbs total, I'm down 5 so far. In the past I've lost 30lbs and kept it off 5 years now. I log in every day, record, and give support when I can!
  • im trying to lose about 80 im new add me
  • jaysonhijinx
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    Feel free to add me :)

    I'm down over 40lbs and got around 20 to go to hit target weight.
  • CassieReannan
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    Me me me! Add me if you life :)
  • Scatterdragon
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    anyone feel free to add, I have 40-60 more to go, I could use supportive friends. I can also offer my support.
  • swt0pie
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    Hi, I also need to lose 10-12 pounds and I'm 5"2..add me if you want :)