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    First question, at one point in the original post, Dan said to measure your waist 1" below the belly button but the Fat2 calculator states "Note: Women should measure the natural waist circumference at the point of minimal abdominal circumference, usually located about halfway between the navel and the lower end of the sternum (breast bone)." That's above the belly button at the smallest point. There is a a couple of inches difference between these two locations for me so I think it matters which one to use.

    I still had the above question......does anyone know the right answer?

    You should be using the minimum circumference for waist measurements, which is above the belly button a couple of inches or so. 1" below belly button is known as the Upper Hip (and is about 3" below your waist).

    Thanks so much. I thought I was doing it right but questioned it when heloitsdan replied to someone else to measure 1" below the belly button.
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    so if Im 135 pounds 5 ft 3 my bmi is 24 % i work out 6 days a week for an hour or longer on here it says i should eat 1540 cals is that right.
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