How many lbs do you lose, on average per week?

I'm just wondering how many lbs people lose per week... and are able to keep off. I know everyone is different and losses it at different rates... I'm just curious :)
Oh, and please include your total goal, so the numbers can be put into perspective.


  • runnercheryl
    runnercheryl Posts: 1,315 Member
    An average of 0.3lbs, so far.
  • rwwerner
    rwwerner Posts: 42 Member
    I am fairly aggressive on the exercise routine and often times blow my diary. When its all said and done over 5 months it equals out to 2 lbs per week.
  • gap1962
    gap1962 Posts: 3
    I am losing between .5 to 1 lb per week. I am not lowering my calories as dramatically as what they have on here (I am taking in 1700) as I am diabetic and my blood sugars drop to drastically. But I feel slow and steady wins the race! :O)

    My husband says any weight good weight loss! :O)
  • shellsrenee01
    shellsrenee01 Posts: 359 Member
    Today marks day 50 for me using MFP. I have lost a little over 13lbs. I'm averaging around 2lbs a week. However, some weeks I don't lose anything and the first 7lbs came off the first 2 weeks. I am trying to focus more on my day to day eating and not get hung up on the scale. Even if the weight comes off incredibly slow, it still seems to be coming off. :drinker:
  • BrittanieGo
    BrittanieGo Posts: 60 Member
    2lb per week for about 10 months. 86 pounds so far
  • nay1228
    nay1228 Posts: 64 Member
    I average 1.5 lbs per week. Some weeks a little more, some a little less, but in 14 weeks I have lost 21 lbs.

    49 lbs to go!
  • idziak04
    idziak04 Posts: 69
    I have lost 9 lbs in 7 weeks, so about an average of 1.29 pounds per week. I have about 15 more to lose. I hope to reach my final goal by mid-summer.
    IAMDDAY Posts: 771
    2 so far but it has only been one week of exercise with eating right so lets see. :happy:
  • Between 1 and 2 lbs a week... In 3 months I have lost 14 lbs, not alot but only 17 more to go - slow and steady wins the race!
  • Emancipated_Tai
    Emancipated_Tai Posts: 756 Member
    Fresh out of a plateau, but back to about 2lbs per week for the last 3 weeks.
    FYI: I went over 2 months without losing anything. I decided to change my diet and exercise to begin losing again.
  • monicaroozo
    monicaroozo Posts: 200
    Edited because I think my math was wrong. .5 - 1.5 loss per week. Overall goal 20-25lbs.
  • jjelizalde
    jjelizalde Posts: 377 Member
    I started out losing about a pound every five days but then I stalled out for few weeks. I upped my calories and added new exercise routines and now I'm back on track. I've been on here for a little over 45 days, SW 158, CW 147, GW 130.
  • AuntKeke1315
    AuntKeke1315 Posts: 30 Member
    I started out at 240.6 lbs, and this week I am at 213.6 lbs. So thats 27 lbs in the last 10 weeks.
    So I average out at 2.7 lbs a week.

    Usually it is about 2 lbs, but it can vary anywhere from 1.5 lbs - 5 lbs a week.

    My first goal is 188, then ultimately 150.
  • si_puedo
    si_puedo Posts: 138 Member
    1 to 1.5 per week.....i've lost 26lbs to far out of a 72lbs goal leaving me 46 lbs to go.....
  • lik_11
    lik_11 Posts: 433 Member
    I've lost 27 pounds in 33 weeks... about 0.8 pound loss per week! :)
  • efindlay
    efindlay Posts: 9 Member
    An average of 1lb. per week. It took me two years to put on weight, so I keep that in mind to stay focused!
  • 13519485
    13519485 Posts: 264
    So far this year I have an average loss rate of 2.03 pounds per week. I am presently 370.6 pounds, and I am down 48 pounds from a max of 418.8 pounds. My goal is to be between 160 and 180 pounds.
  • emma110984
    emma110984 Posts: 127 Member
    25 weeks, 44lbs...1.8lbs a week!! I have been very naughty in between... so i'm very happy with this!!
  • 1 to 2 pounds a week. I have lost 8 and I have 22 more to go.
  • 1-2lbs is the healthiest way possible. the first two weeks of starting exercise can be more like 6-8lbs bc you're losing water weight.