Transformation Video.....almost there!

Here is a video of my progress. I still have about 10-15 pounds to lose........Hopefully I finish it by the end of summer.
Working on toning my arms now :-)

Oh and PLEASE DON'T comment on the video on my Flickr website. I don't want to officially post it until I am at my goal weight[email protected]/6961137264/in/photostream


  • annekevee
    annekevee Posts: 14
    Well done!.You look more confident too.

    Nice idea, btw, a video instead of photos.
    Good luck on your last few pounds!
  • ethannosaurus
    ethannosaurus Posts: 20 Member
    Good job :) And a great idea too!
  • witchie13
    witchie13 Posts: 30
    Amazing transformation!!! Love the video!! Great job
  • kravmom
    kravmom Posts: 23 Member
    Great job. Love the video. Good luck on your final efforts.
  • Wow - great job!!
  • NoExcuses2012
    NoExcuses2012 Posts: 33 Member
    Awe Thanks guys!!! Originally they were just for my eyes to help me with motivation, but since I'm so close....I figured I would share :-)
  • Cynthiam0806
    Cynthiam0806 Posts: 6 Member
    Wow!!!! Looking great, well done :)
  • DyanCB
    DyanCB Posts: 137 Member
    This is such a great idea. I don't know the music - who is it? PERFECT accompaniment . Very courageous and generous of you to share this. I wish you the best on the remainder of your journey.
  • bejuled74
    bejuled74 Posts: 203 Member
    That was freakin awesome! Love the video, your weightloss is inspiring...You're Awesome!!!
  • laceylou0702
    laceylou0702 Posts: 227 Member
    I love the fact that your first part you didn't walk back so far and as you lost weight you went further back, congrats to you & here's to reaching your final goal!!!
  • MsKeri23
    MsKeri23 Posts: 27
  • Lawlbird
    Lawlbird Posts: 3
    Wow, such a great job! You have a lovely figure too! Congratulations and good luck on your future success! Well done :D:flowerforyou:
  • adamb83
    adamb83 Posts: 719 Member
    Wow - great work!

    And that was an awesome idea, too. Wish I would've done something similar. =/
  • NoExcuses2012
    NoExcuses2012 Posts: 33 Member
    I knew I would get there one day and I hoped to have a record of it! I took lots of before pictures too. Like every 10 pounds. I even took some in the "goal" pants where my fat is just hanging out and then took pics 30 pounds later in the same clothes :-) It's cool to see the differences!

    The song is "Skinny Love" by Birdie :-)

    It took me a little over a year to lose the weight. I lost slow and healthy. It gave my skin time to shrink. I did it by walking, and now jogging & eating about 90% clean.
    My highest was actually 200 lbs, size 16/17, but the videos start out at 186, size 15.

    Thank you all for the love and support! I appreciate the words, but ultimately I'm just trying to help inspire others like myself. Maybe other busy moms with full time jobs and hectic schedules.....

    I'm hoping to reach 130 lbs by end of summer!!
  • sarah44254
    sarah44254 Posts: 3,078 Member
    Wow! Video was SUCH a great idea. I wish I had done it. You look incredible. WELL DONE.
  • jrcox520
    jrcox520 Posts: 130 Member
    Amazing, you look stunning!!! The video was a great idea!!
  • run4yourlife
    run4yourlife Posts: 379 Member
    Cool idea with the video. That will be a great keepsake to remind you of how far you've come! You look great! Keep it up and can't wait to see the end result : )
  • Scott_P
    Scott_P Posts: 95 Member
    Very nice work!
  • cathy620
    cathy620 Posts: 12
    Congrats, your hard work has paid off!
  • katglaze
    katglaze Posts: 45 Member
    Absolutely Amazing. The attitude the happiness and the serenity comes shining through as the weight seems to fall off of you.

    Wonderful Job!