What has helped you BOOST your weight loss?



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  • LeslieMDoyle
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    I totally agree with the first two responses... I increased my protein at b'fast and reduced the carbs in my diet. And here recently, I joined one of the MFP challenges. THAT has helped a ton! Mostly because all I knew how to do initially was cardio. But I'm learning how to make my body stronger by throwing in strength training...though I mostly just use my own body weight and 5 lb hand weights. Still, I can see and feel the changes. For instance, by doing squats, I increase the strength in my quads, which allows me to walk/run longer and more comfortably. Between the adjustments to my diet and the changes to my workouts, I lost 4.8 lbs last week...which was a HUGE boost to my confidence!
  • JodiHop
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  • Qatsi
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    I didn't change up my diet or start taking supplements, but I did get rid of the idea that my daily exercise routine was something I could blow off if I was busy or "didn't feel like it". I was stagnating and not making the progress I wanted, so I committed myself to doing at least 10,000 steps on the pedometer every day. Other than one day where I was traveling and three where I was home sick, I haven't missed a day in over two months, and I'm back on track again.

    I use the Jerry Seinfeld "Don't Break The Chain" technique for tracking my progress and motivating me.

  • jencopes
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    Oh. and I stopped eating so many bananas. :) I used to eat 1-2 per day and I think those were bloating me and slowing my weight loss since they are really starchy. There's nothing wrong with them in moderation- but I wasn't eating them that way.

    I didn't know this about bananas....WOW!! I eat them EVERYDAY!!
  • jg627
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    i am currently taking CLA (Conjugated linoleic acids) Dr. Oz talked about it on his show it is suppose to burn belly fat it's only been a few days so i dont any reviews yet.
    I did it for a couple months on and a couple months off then a month on and a month off. I didn't notice any difference with or without it. It just gave me the runs. Might be helpful if you're not able to get good polyunsaturated fats in your diet. I'm going without it now.
  • reneegee23
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    dropping most sugar and carbs from my diet...
    This and drinking tons of water. (Gallon a day, usually!)

    Both of these.

    The sugars/carbs I have dropped are = pasta, cakes, cookies, breads, cereals, muffins, rice, granola, candy, starchy things (potatos), fried things (chips... anything "breaded")

    Oh. and I stopped eating so many bananas. :) I used to eat 1-2 per day and I think those were bloating me and slowing my weight loss since they are really starchy. There's nothing wrong with them in moderation- but I wasn't eating them that way.

    Yep, same for me. Bananas were taking up too many calories, I'd eat 2 a day as well. Trying to cut out most sweets as well, but that's because they are my Achilles' heel.
  • belgerian
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    Eating cleaner foods less processed, Ive pretty much elimated bread and any pasta from my diet boy I do love bread and butter too. I think just eating more whole foods generally speaking has helped I can eat a whole lot of apples or oatmeal and yogurt vs bacon and sausage calorie vs calorie. Dont get me wrong I still splurg but thats what it is a splurg. I also have eliminated all fast food. If im gonna be on the road I pack a lunch chicken breasts, Oatmeal, fruits or veggies.
  • Cut my carb intake in half. I was in a plateau for 6 weeks and the minute I did that it started moving the scale again. 6 more lbs to go to my goal so it's getting tougher.
  • calimoma
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    Hi there! I would be interested to find out how its working for you!!
  • Upping my caloric intake, morning power smoothies (a variety of fruits/veggies + protien powder), & strength training. No pills or zig-zag techniques can make up for honest, hard work. Good luck!
  • hazelsmrf
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    I do intermittent fasting and take an EC stack. I have also been trying to heal my mindset and I'm approaching things a lot more sanely than before I think. I have stopped beating myself up over less perfect days and instead I'm focused on the long term. I started looking into cognitive behavior therapy and other things to put myself into a healthy mindset. While it hasn't boosted my weight loss, it has kept me ON a positive journey so that counts I think...

    I also don't drink any calories... all food. And while whole foods are best, I don't have anything off limits, I've just learned to delay gratification.
  • helper1112
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    monitoring my sodium has made a big difference. Too stay below 2300 mg of sodium, you have to eat healthier and really watch the processed junk. Mine was by choice but for my mother it was not, due to a heart condition. Together we are both losing and eating better, most of the time....:)
  • nightsrainfall
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    I went on to a strict paleo diet and did very well. I lost a lot of inches, gained in strength & speed, and actually did better in terms of eating in general. However, I’m no longer on paleo and currently don’t have a scale, so not sure how things are going anymore. (I joined mfp after I realized paleo would be too hard with my current work schedule.).

    Anyway. I’ve tried lots of other things, and paleo is what helped me the most. I’m still mostly paleo now, but don’t really have a scale so can’t tell you how it’s going at the moment.
  • terrellc1
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    To add to the great posts, I also try to get enough sleep. I find that when I am tired, I get really hungry and tend to start craving the high carb, high calorie, highly processed stuff.
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