Zombies, Run! Playlist

I found a fun app for the iphone. Its fun for me casue I am a zombie fan. Its a walk/jog/run app that runs you though a story where you are collecting items while being chased by zombies. It uses GPS to tell how fast you are moving and such and you can hear the zombies behind you and stuff. Its called Zombies Run!

It allows you to pick a song list to run too so I am trying to put together a good 30 min soundtrack to run too, while the story unfolds and I am looking for suggestions

so far I have:
Lords of Acid - Drink My Honey (Voodoo-U album) 4:02
Rob Zombie - Dragula 3:48
Skrillex - First Of The Year 3:15
Drowning Pool - Bodies 3:30
Disturbed - down with the sickness 4:38
Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People 3:40


  • Diary_Queen
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    My fav running song... or walking song... or song in general when I'm working out is Bulls on Parade - Rage Against the Machine

    I also like Sugar - System of a Down
  • luckyk26
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    Just checked out this app and it looks awesome. Cant wait to try it tonight...and I hate running (or any exercise for that matter) Anyway - my favorite workout song is Hey Man Nice Shot by Filter
  • Vi0l33t
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  • gina1971
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    That sounds like a cool app. I have to see if it's available for android.
  • CrunchyClara
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    Ready To Die by Andrew W.K is one of my favorite songs on my playlist.
  • RipperSB
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    Shake A Leg - AC/DC
    Indestructable - Disturbed
    Shake Your Blood - Probot
    Marathon - Rush
  • the_journeyman
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    I've downloaded it, but haven't tried it out yet. I'm fairly certain the zombies will catch me if I'm running laps at the gym. Maybe this summer I'll get outside and try it!

  • smerkord
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    Old Topic but I was looking for Zombies! Run playlist ideas.

    I have Sound of Madness
    End of the World as we Know it
    Feuer Frei
    Eye of the Tiger (May not last)