Looking for the key to my body

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I am currently on week 11 of p90x. Most days I do additional form of exercise cardio. I have tried high protein, no dairy, low carbs, no junk, low sodium, high calories, and my weight barely moves. I even do p90x yoga. I eat back my exercise calories. I weigh my food, I use polar hrm ft40, subtract my bmr from the calories burned. I tried following p90x nutrition guide and reduced my wallet size (food cost). I have used bmr and tdee calculators and they did not help. I was excited couple of weeks ago dropped my net by 200 and dropped for 2 weeks and stuck again. I do use a tape measure and pics.

I have lost some inches, but it is all about my weight dropping. I have no desire to weigh 230 lbs, I signed up to the site for weight loss. Last year I shredded weight but consumed near 1000-1400 net. I increased on this go around, and have had almost zero results.

I can move the scale by sweating water weight by layering clothes, but it's only water. My weight fluctuates by 5 lbs given the hour/day. I look at the range and I am not seeing a new bottom number. Lost my last 4 this way, I know that will come back and it did the same day, and by now fat loss should have me bumping into the lower range. ( I drink the water back on immediately after.)

I wear my hrm for any kind of activity due to having a desk job.

I am always on the site looking for the "key" that would help. I can't keep from thinking I have waisted hours looking for the key. Easy part is the exercise, can't get the other 80 percent nutrition.

I have never consumed a lot of solid foods, I gained weight consuming 60-120 oz of soda + cookies/candy. Wife and I split plates when eating out.

Last year when I was on low calorie I felt like was eating at a deficit, not currently. 2300 clean calories is a lot.

I have been trying to follow the "rules".

Here is what I am thinking of doing:
Cut my net calories to 1200-1400 calories, and keep doing p90x. The p90x and cardio will help keep muscle strength, I am fueling my body as this is a net number and I will eat my exercise calories.

5-8, 233 lbs, 34 yrs old male

I don't consume alcohol, drugs, medications,


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    Hrm. At your height, it's definitely not a good weight to be at. It puts you in the overweight/obese category for sure.

    This is just an estimate, but your BMR is around 2150.

    For someone doing p90x which is an everyday thing right? Your TDEE is around 3300. Now this will go up or down depending on the amount of muscle you have. You should be able to eat around 2500 to lose weight.

    if you cut your cals to 1000, you'll be consuming LESS than your DEFICIT which is not in any way shape or form healthy. I would seriously say to eat clean, and do it around 2500 cals a day. And it is possible. I was 252 and lost down to 147. I know in the beginning I was nursing a babby and eating clean and was consuming 2700 a day.
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    Took a peek at your food diary. Have you tried cutting out the processed, package food and fast food? Try eating natural, whole foods for a while. Cook up some chicken breast or other lean protein. Add some veggies on the side and maybe a carb like a little rice.
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    When I started the p90x on this go around I followed the meal plan when I started. Fat shred was a joke
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    First 30 days I was consuming 220 to 270 g of protein. Lower carbs, packed all meals at home, no soda. Only what I cooked

    Had the same result as during those days, with the junk in.

    Should I not be at a deficit that does not allow room to have junk?