How not to get ran over on a bike?

I am new to biking and it makes me a nervous wreck riding with traffic. Running never bothers me because I am going against traffic and I can tell if a car sees me or not and if I have to I could jump in the grass. I hate having no idea if a car sees me and feel like I am constantly looking over my shoulder. Tips? Suggestions? I live in a semi rural area and don't have anywhere to ride that is just "bike" trails. Boo.


  • hpsaucette
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    Wear light clothing, don't listen to music or at least have it turned really down, if your in a busy street at a light stop actually get slightly in the way of ,the also stopped, car in your lane so they have to be aware of you, and always be aware of what is going on around you, especially on corners/junctions. When in a city think of yourself like a car and follow the same rules including indicating so that cars know what you are doing. Practice on safer routes until you feel more up to it. And be careful when it rains.

    Good luck! It can be a lot of fun.
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    The vast majority vehicle/cyclist accidents occur at intersections/road entrances, etc. Getting struck from behind is actually rather uncommon ( not that it doesnt happen, just not as much as other). People feel safer riding against the traffic so they can see it but that is actually much more dangerous.
    You could get a mirror if the would make you feel better being able to see traffic. Also, when younride in a group, motorists tend to give you more leeway (and you are seen better). Can younfind a locla cycling club? Its a great way to get comfortable on the road.

    Also - i took the Can-bike 2 course. Not sure whatbit might be called other places but it went a long way in making me more comfortable on the road. I cant reccomend it enough.
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    Wear bright fluorescent clothing. Like what you see road workers wearing. Do not ride before sunrise or after sunset, even with lights on your bike. Use some type of mirror system, either those that attach to the bike or the helmet.
  • Can't help you there. I rode my bike daily in Chicago to work and back. Two different a-holes tried to kill me. One hit me on purpose at an intersection and laughed as he slowly drove past and shouted, "streets are for cars". The other one waited beside his parked car as I came downhill fairly fast and opened his car door to hit me. I survived the first one with just a knee injury from dragging myself and my bike out of the street and into the alley. The second one was a big disappointment for the idiot who planned it. I dodged at the last minute. Those were my younger days when I had lightening fast reflexes. Be careful out there.
  • Kilter
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    Bright clothing with reflective stripes which pick up headlights (they are made with crushed glass in the paint).

    If you wear headphones, do NOT put the ear bud in for the side facing traffic (so you can hear them).

    Look through cars (back window where you can) to see if there are people sitting in them.

    Generally just be save and stay visible. Won't help if someone actively tries to hurt you, but it helps for the clueless riders.