Red Team Week 22!!

Hi guys, since we all know how busy Mel is with school and such, I thought that I would get the thread started for her for this week.

My number is 209, Woooooooo hoooooooo!! I finally broke 210 and am back on the way down :bigsmile: Finally!

Good luck everyone! :flowerforyou:


  • jb_sweet_99
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    Bump back to the top.....:bigsmile:
  • What does "bump" mean? I see that a lot on threads. My number is 191.5, gained back a pound :ohwell: Congrats to you on breaking the 210 mark though :)
  • jb_sweet_99
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    Thanks a lot! :bigsmile:
    Bump is just something that you put when you just want to move the thread back to the top of the recent list, but don't have anything to say :wink:
    I wouldn't worry about the one pound, we'll say it's water weight! :flowerforyou:
  • MelL1205
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    :smile: Thanks jb_sweet. I was halfway to school this morning and thought "damn, forgot to start the new thread". Glad you've got me covered.

    Likewise, I forgot to weigh in. I will "forget" tomorrow too since I'll leave at 6:30 and my mother will not be awake so I'll feel weird going into her bathroom where the scale is. But I've pretty much eaten nothing but junk and soda all week (bad, bad, bad me).... sooooo yeah. Not looking foward to it.

    Apparently lots of others forgot too.

    Jb_sweet, yay for the 209.:smile:

    And kvcarden, don't sweat the pound. :wink:
  • Hi everyone.....148 this week.
    JB, nice job it is great to see a smaller number on the scale.:smile:
    KV- No worries, there is always next week!

    Good luck to everyone else this week!!

  • Learning2LoveMe
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    I forgot to weigh in this morning... I'm dreading the scale anyway :laugh:

    Will have to check tomrrow and see what happens!

    Grats to the losses... and don't worry about a pound kvcarden! Just a little fluctuation, like water weight.
  • Thanx for the clarification JB :smile:

    JB, Mel, Mack & Lizagna, thanx for the mini-pep talk...the 1 pound had me ready to just blow this week and enjoy "comfort" food....but I'm going to stay focused :bigsmile:

    Have a great week everyone!

  • anglbebe
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    196 This week. Finally getting to see some results. it's been a pain in the buttocks.. Lol...

    Way to go on the 210 mark :flowerforyou: . That was my first mini goal myself. Then it felt like I would never leave it..

    Be proud everyone your doing awesome:flowerforyou: ! (even if the scale goes the opposite way)
  • kstefanski
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    I'm at 177 even today! That makes me so happy, I'm finally getting myself back into gear! Just 2.2 more until I'm out of the obese category, WOO! :bigsmile:

    Congrats on everyone's awesome job! You are all doing so great and it's an inspiration to be witnessing your progress :flowerforyou:
  • jb_sweet_99
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    Thanks guys! And no problem Mel, I'm glad to help out :flowerforyou:
    Congrats to everyone who lost, and those who didn't, there's always next week!! Good job staying focused Key!
    Jenn :bigsmile:
  • 152 this week! woo hoo finally a loss!!!
  • jlhcrh3
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    Oh, I have been eating SO BAD!!!!
    I don't have a number...woke up late for work monday and didn't have time to weigh, and forgot this morning...but i know it's not good!!
    Hopefully I will be back tomorrow with a number! I need to write myself a note reminding myself to weigh...

    OH! and I am getting a wii and wii fit! and eventually the wii fit plus, EA Sports Active, My Fitness Coach, and maybe the Gold's Gym workout...but for now, just the wii and wii fit! i am so excited!
  • MelL1205
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    175 again... that's 3 weeks in a row? But heck, I'll take it because I have been eating like crap and I started drinking soda again. shbiudfshagiuadfh. (Although, yesterday I only had 800 calories... because I never ate dinner. Oops... so perhaps it's a little bit lower than it should be).

    Anyway, yay for everyone else. :happy: I need to catch up on all of your posts. Sorry.
  • Learning2LoveMe
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    I decided I'm not officially weighing in this week. The bloat is finally starting to go away after my TOM... so I'm just gonna work hard and weigh in on monday.

    Mel - Don't feel too bad, I started drinking soda too :grumble: I've been limiting myself to just one a day or a few sips off of my fiances just to get the caffeine. lol Trying to wean myself back off... and I still swear up and down that soda is harder to quit than smoking! I'm having so much trouble with soda.

    Jlhcrh- Hooray for the wii fit! I've been wanting to get one for a while now, tell us how you like it!

    Grats to everyone who lost this week... I see a lot of losses and its motivating me to get my butt in gear. Good job ladies... keep up the hard work! :flowerforyou:
  • MelL1205
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    Liz - Because I'm diabetic, I stopped drinking regular soda when I was diagnosed (so, like 7 years ago). Then I drank diet soda for about 2 years after that. But then I stopped drinking soda all together. It had been nearly 5 years since I had soda.... and the past 3 weeks, I think I've had soda everyday (except today).... regular soda, no less. No idea how it started. I just picked up a bottle of pepsi one day at school, mindlessly. This is ridiculous.
  • Learning2LoveMe
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    wow - I can't get more than 4 weeks before I break down and drink a soda. I don't know what it is, but I crave it so much (especially an icy cold fountain soda from the corner store). I think the longest I've gone without a soda is 5 weeks :laugh:

    If you went 5 years without, I'm sure you'll be able to kick the soda addiction fairly quickly.
  • Sorry i haven't weighed in lately. I'll probably weigh in friday. The past few days i've been feeling really hungry. Mostly in the morning.
  • MelL1205
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    hate that TOM. I feel awful (I guess not sleeping for the past 2 nights is also making me feel awful).
  • jb_sweet_99
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    hate that TOM. I feel awful (I guess not sleeping for the past 2 nights is also making me feel awful).

    I feel your pain, I'm there too....ugh :ohwell:
  • yessie75
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    Hi everyone. happy Fall!! I have been MIA for weeks, since school started. I was moved into a second grade classroom 12 days after school started and have been working extra hard setting routines and such.
    Well, I'm happy to say I'm 137 lbs!:drinker: I'm not sure how I lost the weigh, since I have not exercise at all for weeks. I think it's the stress level and all the packing and moving I had to do in 4 days. I'm trying to eat healthy and pack my luch everyday.
    I have to figure out when is best to log in my meals since my schedule has changed. Anyway, I miss everyone and all the support :happy: