Where to hold my cell phone when running?



  • hesn92
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    I just carry it. Like in my hand. I use it as a timer because I'm doing the couch to 5k so I have to time all my runs and walks...

    Other than that i would just buy a little fanny pack type thing lol.
  • I usually hold it in my hand... or in my bra :-P Your cleavage is a surprisingly awesome hiding spot!
  • SassyCalyGirl
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    running with your cell phone? Are you serious? No way in hell!
  • UrbanRunner81
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    I wouldn't recommend putting it in your bra if you get super sweaty. I did that a few times last summer and my screen got all weird! It was ok after it dried out but hard to read for a few days.

    yes this happened to me. my phone wouldn't work for a week eventually it did.
  • Starlage
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    ^^^ that's why mine goes in a ziplock baggie first. works perfectly :smile:
  • laurapgmartinez
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    ^^Yup, best invention ever!
  • LorinaLynn
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    I got one, and love it. It's the pocket I wish my shorts had. Wearing it in my profile pic.

    I also saw similar belts (Nathan's Running Belt) at Marshall's for $7.99. They were ~$20 at D*ck's Sporting Goods.
  • JennieAL
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    ^^Yup, best invention ever!

    I was looking at armbands for my iPhone but this looks interesting. I think I might get one of these instead... since it can hold more than just your phone.
  • wftiger
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    I bought a shirt sleeve shirt with zipper pockets. The one has a headphone hole so I can put the phone in it and plug in the headphones. I got mine at Fashion Bug if you have any around you. I think they might have them online too.
  • mamamc03
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    I put mine in my bra, but I turns the screen outwards. That way it doesn't screw up the screen!!
  • Tzippy7
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    I wear 2 bras when i run, so i put my ipod, phone and keys in between them lol
  • I am also going to throw it out there that I have giant boobs and my bra is not an option..lol

    now you're just bragging, lol! =D
  • Tzippy7
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    I wear 2 bras when i run, so i put my ipod, phone and keys in between them lol

    that being said, i dont recommend it, i need a better system
  • HeealthyMee
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    When I run long distances on my own, I wear a fuel belt to hold my bottles and it had pouches similar to this one:


    In events which have water tables every few miles, I usually just wear the pouch attachment which has a rear clip to clip on to my pants. I found it at my running store and most should have something similar.

    When I didn't have that, I ran with it in my hand. It was a much better option than not having it on me, in my opinion.
  • MoreBean13
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    If you do accidentally get your phone sweaty and you're worried about damage, or it starts acting funny- stick it in a container of dry rice for 24 hrs- it acts as a dessicant and minimizes damage.
  • xYumzx
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    Mine goes in my bra lol i know bad but i know it wont budge there.. but I wanna get the armband for my iphone
  • angrykitty13
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    You could look for a shirt with a pocket in the back. You can carry your phone and a few dollars in it. I sometimes use a wrist wallet when running to carry my house key and emergency snack money although that's not big enough for a smartphone.

    If you're worried about safety consider getting a Road ID tag (http://www.roadid.com/) or similar. If you're in an accident it can be invaluable.
  • reyopo
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    I'm honestly not saying this to be rude or argumentative...but could you leave it home? How long is your run? An hour, tops? I always leave my phone in my locker at the gym or yoga...whatever it is has to wait for those, why not a run? I know I concentrate on my workout WAY better when I'm not checking for text messages constantly. If you use it for music, like an iPod...well, that's different.

    definitely not. common safety requirement these days. A woman running alone should always carry a cell phone.

    Good call...no pun intended!
  • wyndilee
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    i have a running belt, not the water ones but a slim one for my phone, which is also my radio and my id keys ect one like this...
    mine is not this brand but they have them at running stores and are great
    The Nathan Shadow Pak runners pack allows runners and walkers to carry small essentials, such as an I.D. and a cell phone. It consists of a belted waist pocket that expands to hold any size cell phone, leaving plenty of room for keys and money. Reflective accents aid visibility to traffic.
  • Cocochickdeleted
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    I was going to suggest this. I have an iPhone and it fits perfectly in my SPI belt. Love it!