20 pounds gone! 15 more to go! Progress Pics!



  • benedict91
    benedict91 Posts: 77 Member
    great job, I am struggling to lose the first 20 lbs...I need to lose 47 lbs total.
    Great inspiration...how do you do it?
    Add me, I could use the boost!
  • laurapgmartinez
    laurapgmartinez Posts: 46 Member
    You look incredible!! Great job!! And I agree with everyone else, you look really toned! I'm jealous!
  • robston
    robston Posts: 67 Member
    Ahhh to be in that range.. you look great!! I'm getting back on track, coming back to MFP..would love to hear what your food intake is like? Add me as a friend..
  • Darlingir
    Darlingir Posts: 437
    wow!! you look FANTASTIC at your current weight...job well done!!
  • Janiot
    Janiot Posts: 187 Member
    Add me too, you have already inspired me to try toning up - I have lost 34 lbs and I am at 166lb aiming for 133lbs, I am 5ft 51/2in.
    You look fabulous!!
  • Kstodola1
    Kstodola1 Posts: 7 Member
    You look fantastic! I don't see wher you could lose any though! Do you weight train? ...cause you look like you have a body type that would respond well!
  • amolina0810
    amolina0810 Posts: 106 Member
    You look fantastic! I don't see wher you could lose any though! Do you weight train? ...cause you look like you have a body type that would respond well!

    Yes! I weight train every night! I have always had a very athletic build from gymnastics, basketball, track, and volleyball in high school! Everyone says that is why is always weighed more than they did was because of all of my muscle.

    Thank you SO much everyone!! Feel free to add me as a friend on here!! I love all of the encouragement and it makes me SO happy to hear that I am motivating others!
  • kelleymj
    kelleymj Posts: 102 Member
    You look amazing! I just started strength training this week. I am trying to get cardio in at least 4 - 5 days a week. I would love to lose more weight but would be happy if I just tone things up! I too, was very athletic in high school...volleyball, basketball and track (many, many years ago). I am hoping my muscles remember and respond quickly...lol! I would like to add you as a friend...is it ok?
  • lorac321
    lorac321 Posts: 628 Member
    Are you sure your scale is right??? Really, you looked amazing and should be really proud of yourself for how far you have come. Keep it up!
  • amolina0810
    amolina0810 Posts: 106 Member
    Of course I don't care if you add me as a friend!! I am here for the same reason as you are!! I love to motivate as much as I love to be motivated!! I am almost positive my scale is right, but thanks for the complement! LOL! It's brand new and the last time I was at the doctors office I was 170lbs. I have always had a high weight and nobody believes me that I weight as much as what I say I do :(
  • Dang girl, look at that flat tummy! :smokin:
  • amolina0810
    amolina0810 Posts: 106 Member
    Aww thanks so much!!
  • ChitownFoodie
    ChitownFoodie Posts: 1,562 Member
    Thats an amazing difference!! Great job!
  • _Elemenopee_
    _Elemenopee_ Posts: 2,665 Member
    You look fantastic!!!! I will NEVER tell anyone about your playroom..and I wont be taking pics in mine either! lol

    Well done, honey..well done!
  • Kryn_K
    Kryn_K Posts: 44
    Wooww!! 160lbs and 5'5" OMG!! i'm 5'5" weight 150 and i think i'm not even close to be toned as you do Congrats!! and thanks for showing me that whatever the scale says is not as important as to be fit. :happy: what are exercise are you doing it? :blushing:
  • focus4fitness
    focus4fitness Posts: 551 Member
    You look great!
  • chrissayya
    chrissayya Posts: 28
    Amazing progress! You look perfect as you are now!
  • dlynnkind
    dlynnkind Posts: 134 Member
    Holy crap! You look great. I would have guessed alot less than 160 in the second pic. Way to go,
  • steplaj
    steplaj Posts: 586 Member
    Nice Job - You look great!
  • amymarie8709
    amymarie8709 Posts: 329 Member
    Feel free to add me!! You look great!
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