A supportive crew without unsolicited advice?

Hi. I am new here. Need a few friends. I am working hard to shed some weight and would love to see the results of others doing the same.
I love positive support and am very careful about giving advice. I am no doctor or expert.
I also have a lot of people in my personal life who give me advice all the time (without me asking) or even hinting that I need it so.... I promise to always support you and only give my opinion when asked.


  • HI!

    I joined today too.

    I know what you mean about family members giving advice. Ive been ill for 3 days and lost 9lbs (not delibrately, purely from being poorly) and my nans response was 'what a great start to losing some weight' yeah, thanks nan (!)

    Feel free to add me as a friend xx
  • Val_from_OH
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    Feel free to add me. I tend to keep my advice to myself!
  • teaching_k
    teaching_k Posts: 2
    Time to get back on the weight loss track. Needing support as well. May I join you?
  • kimnsc
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    Please feel free to add me. I don't hand out unsolicited advice.
  • sindel_17
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    I just signed up with MFP too and would love to join you. Feel the need for some additional support!
  • Dozrzz
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    Add me too!!! I love new friends! :-)
  • 40goneby40
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    Me too. New with no friends on here and looking for a network of people in the same boat!
  • Feel free to add me. with the shape that I'm in, I'm the last one who gives out unsolicited advice lol
  • yourpalacf
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    I'm in...anyone, feel free to add me. I will support! I will advise only when asked, and only if I speak from experience, or knowledge :)
  • DoozerDMB
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    Feel free to add me. I support and encourage :)
    Anyone is welcome to add me :)
  • GoTanieGo
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    The only advice I'd give is, Don't Give Up! Welcome!! Support and encouragement is crucial for success. I think it's just as important as making good food choices and exercising. Feel free to add me. I'm kind of new to this site ( not the dieting game ) and could use more friends to help me along this journey to fitness.
  • kpeytonpgh
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    I just joined MFP today and would love love some buddies who understand ... add me :)!!!
  • becky3277
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    you can add me
  • newdaydawning79
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    I've been around a while and keep falling off the wagon and coming back. Determined this time is it! Would love to have more supportive friends!
  • Ruffles20
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    Feel free to add me.

    I'm a mom of two, 30 years old.... Looking to lose around 30lbs.
  • mangobadango
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    Feel free to add me as a friend. I like to encourage other people and see their progress. Plus I like the encouragement myself. I'll only give advice if it is asked and generally I will only say that it has worked for me. But everyone has to figure out how to make it work for them or it won't stick.
  • jreed1920
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    Feel free to add me too. I like cheering folks on and don't judge. I've got plenty to lose so I will be here for awhile and I check in every day.
  • _Corinne_
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    I've been here for a bit but am starting fresh. Welcome!
  • Dice1024
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    Hi! I would love to join. Currently working on losing weight- I'm going to weight watchers at work meetings for physical support but this is great to talk when I need it before the meetings.

    My overall goal would be to lose 40 lbs and get down to about 135. My dr says that I am really muscular and testing shows that I should lose 10 lbs or so. I'm also trying to conceive right now.
  • majones_orl
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    I love new friends, and the ones I have found on here are GREAT. Very supportive, and the advice is out of this world. I am constantly saying to myslef "I didn't know that" .

    Please add me as a friend.