Underwear - who wears it? who doesn't?



  • SofaKingRad
    SofaKingRad Posts: 1,592 Member
    Not so much now, but I used to go commando at almost all times. It started when I lived in Phoenix... I had no AC in my car back then, and had an epiphany one insanely hot day. Heyyy... no one will ever know if I remove this layer!

    I noticed. I live in Phoenix and saw you driving on I-10. Yeah, busted!
  • retriev00
    retriev00 Posts: 227 Member
    I wear them at work under a suit, but otherwise commando
  • juliecat1
    juliecat1 Posts: 3,455 Member
    nope. sure dont.
  • CoryIda
    CoryIda Posts: 7,887 Member
    I hate underwear, especially when I exercise. So uncomfortable.
  • gdr1976
    gdr1976 Posts: 460 Member
    Try not to. Usually bunches up and very uncomfortable
  • Shakila87
    Shakila87 Posts: 70
    No underwear!! I'm not messing up my fredricks on vikkies with sweat NO Ma'am!!
  • ShaunaLaNee
    ShaunaLaNee Posts: 188 Member
    Lordy, seriously? I can't believe pay to walk around with underwear in their crack!!!! I HATE that,and for that reason I cant' stand wearing them at the gym. Now if someone knows some underwear that won't crawl up there during a work out, I'm all EARS:)
  • mcshaw10
    mcshaw10 Posts: 11
    Commando! :) So much more comfortable!
  • red01angel
    red01angel Posts: 806 Member
    I'll wear a thong when I'm wearing loose, cheerleading-style shorts, but besides that, no. I don't like them anyway: I almost never wear panties when I'm hanging out at home in yoga pants or light dresses.
  • andreacord
    andreacord Posts: 928
    Always, have just plain cotton panties for workouts .. yeah I drop quite a bit on cute, lacy underwear as my indulgences but A) who wants to sweat all over those when you work out and B) Uncomfortable to work out in a thong and such.
  • awadm
    awadm Posts: 252
    I wear it when I work out and almost all the time really. Panties are too pretty not to wear!
  • harrietlg
    harrietlg Posts: 239
    after the most painful wedgie on the cross trainer last week, no more knickers!
  • ElizaRoche
    ElizaRoche Posts: 2,005 Member
    commando is the best... either at the gym or not :wink:
  • candylooms
    candylooms Posts: 7
    Commando All the time unless I am wearing a dress or a skirt.
  • shamr0ck
    shamr0ck Posts: 296 Member
    In general, i go commando at the gym. The exception would be when i'm wearing a pair of shorts that has gotten *way* too big on my legs, then i'll wear boyshorts or compression shorts underneath.

    I celebrated my 60 pound milestone by throwing out my entire underwear drawer and buying new lacy stuff. :D
  • diver71_au
    diver71_au Posts: 424 Member
    I thought that ladies who lifted weights needed to wear a thong else their *kitten* popped out and they then would have only one cheek.......

    For me its boxer briefs at the gym, commando the rest of the time ..... need to have the boys under control when I am bouncing about.
  • skybird455
    skybird455 Posts: 172 Member
    no undies....who needs one more thing on to sweat in? gross.
  • christine24t
    christine24t Posts: 6,064 Member
    I could never do anything without wearing underwear...it's gross not to wear it to me.
  • crisanderson27
    crisanderson27 Posts: 5,343 Member
    I thought that ladies who lifted weights needed to wear a thong else their *kitten* popped out and they then would have only one cheek.......

    I'm having trouble getting this one...lol.
  • NancyNiles
    NancyNiles Posts: 145 Member
    I don't when I'm wearing jeans because every time I bent down my panties ride up ... and stay there until I dig them back out. But I do wear underwear to the gym for 2 reasons: first, I have cottage cheese *kitten* and its noticable in nylon running shorts or thin cotton shorts. Second (TMI warning), I have been known to lift something particularly heavy and accidentally tinkle a tiny bit (squats!). Just depends on how much water I've been drinking, and how heavy the weight is. And I'd be mortified if I "leaked" down my leg in front of everyone. I keep an extra pair of panties in my gym bag just in case, LOL.