What's your resting heart rate?

I had to attend the ER last week where a nurse taking my obs asked whether I had ever been told I had a low resting heart rate. I hadn't and asked her what it was.

after telling me that the 'normal' range was 60-80 beats per minute, she said mine was just 50 bpm!

I said that I was fairly fit and she "obviously!"


  • LilRedRooster
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    Heart rate has a fitness correlation, but a large part of it is genetic, and is set by your sympathetic nervous system and pacemaker on your heart. It's cued by blood pressure, blood volume, blood concentration, and other body functions, so lower heart rates don't always mean healthy, and higher ones don't always mean unhealthy.

    Not saying you're unhealthy, but it's sometimes misleading to just go by heart rate as a barometer for fitness level. Mine is around 65.
  • mmapags
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    65 to 68
  • sagetracey
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    Thanks for the additional information, LilRedRooster. By way of background, my heart rate was in the high 80s before I lost weight and got fitter.
  • keem88
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    usually 82-84 is mine...
  • Lovely_Doll
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    76 BPM. :p
  • nwg74
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    Mine is 70 going up to around 120 during exercise. Athletes can be low as 50.
  • Generalle
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    mine is exactly 60, which is not too shabby....
  • 60
  • Antjebeth08
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    72 bpm
  • Kincar
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    Around 45.

    Low resting heart rate runs in my family.
  • moran1917
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    my resting heart rate was 85ish when i started working out and now i have got it down to around 65ish.
  • mine is 50-55 bpm and i haven't been really active due to an injury for about a month now....wonder if i should see the doctor or if i'm okay.
  • Thriceshy
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    At 400 + pounds, my resting heartrate was between 110 and 120. At 231 lbs, my resting is between 55 and 65. Even a doctor's office visit (had one on Friday) has my heartrate at 68, and that's after walking into the office and stressing over the appointment. Edited to say that, while working out, I range from 135-155, depending on what I'm doing and where I want it to be.

  • Hungry_Tuna
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    I'm 5'9, 170-ish pounds and am quite active. My resting varies around 66-77... When I'm maxing out on the trails I bike through, I will be at 164. When I weighed more my bpm was higher during strenuous activities (170's).

    Just depends on the person as well as all those factors Lilredrooster pointed out.
  • MsNewBooty83
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    mines low too, 48-53 bpm....my blood pressure is crazy low too. i was actually worried about it and tracked it for a while...but read that some people are just fine like this. in others it can mean organ failure! crazy, different bodies.
  • Phoenix59
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    Mine ranges between 52-56. Max has gone to 144.
  • scottb81
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    Usually it's around 40 when I wake up. If I take a rest day and sleep well it has been as low as 36.
  • devilsangel2
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    Mine was 56 three months ago and is now 46. According to the treadmill it has been as high as 195, but that's only the hand sensor and I don't really trust those.
  • TXHunny84
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    My resting heart rate is 90 bpm
  • amolina0810
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    Mine is around 50-60. Going up to about 150-160 when I run!!