What do you eat when you feel faint and shakey?

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This happens to me quite a lot even though I am full and have eaten enough

I get really shakey and feel I want to faint at times, its quite horrible. Now I try and eat a banana and drink plenty of fluids, but its not good enough, the best solution for me is to eat something which has sugars in it, i.e a chocolate bar or something, but I don't want to eat things high in sugar, calories and fat, so I am looking at solutions for a quick grab when I feel like this

Problem is when you are out and about the only thiing I can find thats quick and easy to do the job is convenient food i.e chocolate


  • Pebble321
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    Easy things to carry: apples, nuts, muesli bar.
    But, you should look at your overall diet, if this is more than just an occasional thing, perhaps you aren't eating enough during the day.
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    you want to eat protien... and carbs... like an apple with peanut butter....

    the sort of things that will keep your blood sugar up more effectively are protien and carbs....

    sugary foods can cause a quick rise and then drop in blood sugar.... protien and good carbs cause a more gradual rise with a slower decline....
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    see the next problem I have is I am a vegetarian and I am struggling to eat the right amount of protein (carbs is fine :D ) - could protein be causing this?

    I don't know whether I should go to the docs about it, I gave blood last week and when he dropped my blood into the two little bottles to check for whatever it is they check, he said it is just okay, it wouldn't sink as quick as it should do?

    I like Nakd Bars, these are raw nuts and fruits naturally pressed into a bar, are they good enough?
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    usually when you give blood they are only checking your iron/hemoglobin...

    there are plenty of ways to get protein as a vegitarian, beans, peanut butter.... I am not a vegitarian (my 12 year old puts it nicely... he says he is a meatitarian and likes a little meat with his meat ;) LOL) just google vegitatian protien sources... and you get a huge list! (http://vegetarian.about.com/od/healthnutrition/tp/protein.htm is just one of the thousands that came up and it looks pretty decent)

    I have never had nakd bars... I would say look into the protein count... if I am eating a bar I like one that has >20 g protein... otherwise it is wasted cals for me...

    I also like protein powder that I add to smoothies :)
  • agree with everything thats been said but deffo think u need to have your blood checked and blood pressure x
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    I get this too and, like you, just normally grab something sugary. For me its usually a sweet tea or coffee. I've had my blood sugar tested and its come out low every time. My shaky moments though tend to come a few hours afte eating even if I ate healthy and am not at all hungry. Even spoke to a doctor about it a couple of years ago but they didn't seem at all bothered even with the low blood sugar reading. Luckily it doesn't happen too often anymore. It was a lot worse when I was a teen/in my early 20s. Interesting to read that protein can help
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    Chocolate milk is a great recovery drink. It has a nice mix of proteins and carbs, some the body absorbes quickly and some over time. My sister is diabetic and her doctor instructed her to drink milk when she get's the shakes. If you do not drink cow's milk because you are a vegetarian you might try one of the milk substitues like soy milk. I have never tried soy milk but it might have a lot of the same properties as cow's milk.
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    Some people go straight the sugar route for this (chocolate etc), but I find that makes me feel quite nauseous, I prefer fat and protein so I usually carry Almonds everywhere, or some of those cheese and cracker dipper sets (some carbs there too) and then some milk and/or yoghurt (which you can buy just about anywhere) Actually milk is my go to food, its my first choice if I can have it, if I can have a glass of that, then some food it helps a lot...

    I used to get this a lot, but since upping my protein (1.5-2g per lean body mass) I haven't had one for 8-9 weeks!
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    I was thinking about your iron levels...or even your the amount of blood cells (white against red). I have to keep a check on my iron levels regularly, as when they drop I can get the shakes etc. A good way to check is if your nails look too white (the whole nail). I use this as an indicator with me.

    I also usually find that if I've been charging around and not eaten enough prior to it, then I get a quick/sudden drop in energy, leaving me grabbing the nearest food source to hand. It doesn't happen that much now these days, as I try to eat little but often throughout the day. Breakfast being my most important meal.

    I'd get your bloods checked again but more indepth and also look at possibly upping the amount of food you eat - little and often helps, things like nuts, biscuits, yoghurt and fruit to snack on inbetween meals. I've not looked at your profile or diary so my suggestions may not suit your diet plan etc.

    I do strongly suggest you get your bloods checked again tho. Hope all that helps.
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    I am prone to low blood sugar and I have fainted several times in my life time so I know what you need !! Orange juice. It will make you instantly feel better.
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    If I am feeling a bit light headed, like hypoglycemia, I will eat a Zone Perfect bar (nice amount of protein), or an apple with peanut butter. You might want to consider something like greek yogurt with whey protein powder added. Has a nice balance of everything, and you can really bulk up on protein. I guess I should ask, are you vegetarian or vegan? Do you eat dairy at all?
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    I would start with getting blood work done at your doctor's. It's not normal. I get it every once in awhile but usually because I've gone too long without eating. If you've just eaten then something is wrong. Start with bloodwork and perhaps a fasting glucose test and then if that's all normal, take a look at the foods you are eating.
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    I agree with alot of what has been said, but most of all the chocolate milk post. How can you go wrong with chocolate milk?
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    If you are shaky/faint feeling, it probably is an adrenaline response to low blood glucose. However, this response can sometimes trigger that the wrong time.

    If you have a normal a1c (no diabetes), then you need a small amount of fast-acting carbs (5g-20g) like non-diet soda, sugar candy, pretzels. The more protein or fat in it, the slower it will absorb. AFTER the symptoms relent then you can follow up with some sort of protein.

    If you are heavy and/or have an elevated a1c (prediabetes, or type 2 diabetes), then you usually want to ride it out if your BG is above 70. You probably really don't have a low BG, and you want your body to train to alarm at the correct levels.
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    I get that way too. Typically peanut butter is the fastest way for me to feel normal again. Just a spoonful works for me.
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    I usually have some nuts in my purse for moments like that or if I am starving between meals. I also found I would get shaky if I wasn't drinking enough water (and having more soda).
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    I have had the same problems in the past, I was told to keep track of my carbs and eat around the same amount everytime to keep my sugars from "spiking" I was told to eat around 25-35g at each meal to loose weight. so I track that and since then I dont spike much anymore. I'm by no means an expert on this so I'm just sharing what I was told and what works for me.
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    First of all, there is nothing wrong with eating a little chocolate. Secondly, you need to go see a doctor. Feeling faint and shakey is not normal, and there could be any number of reasons for it. Your doctor should be able to give you advice on how to fix this, be it through food, medication or something else.
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    Have you been tested for diabetes? I had it when I was pregnant and the same thing would happen to me when I didn't eat the right kinds of foods.