Before and during pics

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I started out at 142 but didn't take my before pictures until 138.5. The during pictures were taken at 135. It's not huge but I see a difference, plus my clothes are fitting better!



  • sharpeoplepc
    sharpeoplepc Posts: 84 Member
  • sharpeoplepc
    sharpeoplepc Posts: 84 Member
    Wow, really disappointed! Hoped to get some feedback!
  • kathyrazz
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    Good job! :-) Keep up the good work..I'd be happy to lose 7 lbs! :-)
  • inittothinit42
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    I see the difference, too! Good work!
  • Just because its only 3 pounds doesn't mean that it wont matter. I'd be happy to lose 3 pounds!

    Good job by the way! :happy:
  • Luciendasky
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    Nice job! I can see a difference :D. Every step counts and should be appreciated :flowerforyou:
  • Good job! You are getting more toned.
  • Bikini_Bound150
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    Every single pound counts! You can't lose 100 lbs without losing 1 lb first! Great job!
  • jean1058
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    I think you look good! Keep going to attain your goal! :happy:
  • tmauck4472
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    Uhm, THREE POUNDS?! :indifferent:

    It's a good start but you are not going to get alot of applause yet.:noway:

    Damn really? I think it's great and she deserves to be congratulated even if it's a pound...not very good at the support role are ya? To bad. You could be the reason someone gives up :huh:
  • tmauck4472
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    I totally see a difference and what a great job......keep it up and keep us posted.
  • lulu_1
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    You stated that you started at 142 and are now at 135 therefore you have lost 7 pounds. I can't see a difference in the pictures because it is 3 lbs. but if you find that your clothes a fitting better then great job. Hope you have a great journey of weight loss.
  • AmyLyn1983
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    Great job! I do see a difference in the pics. If you're like me, you don't have to lose a lot on the scale to see a visible difference. Keep up the good work!
  • tosmoothash
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    Uhm, THREE POUNDS?! :indifferent:

    It's a good start but you are not going to get alot of applause yet.:noway:

    Whether it be 1lb 3lbs or 30lbs....she is progressing towards a healthier her and I will be more than glad to applaud her. People need to stop coming on to other people post and leaving comments that is in no way supportive. If you have nothing encouraging to say (or type) then say (or type) nothing at all. It's aggravating to me that MFP is supposed to be a support site for people who are wanting to become healthier in whichever way applies to their own personal journey and there are people being demeaning towards them.

    OAN-->>I personally would be happy to lose 3lbs....maybe one day I will have a success story in which I would be able to share!!!
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    Great job you will reach your goal before you know it! I hope I can do the same
  • ILoveJesus72
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    :flowerforyou: I yelled really loud when I lost my first pound LOL So congrats on the 3 so far! Keep it up and remember 3 lost is much better than 3 gained!!
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    I see a difference, good job. On a side note perhaps the wait on comments is because not everyone is in the same time zone? EG on my computer it says you posted this at 1.30 this morning, I was so asleep then! :)
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    Great job!! I can totally see the difference. ^5!!!!

    Uhm, THREE POUNDS?! :indifferent:

    It's a good start but you are not going to get alot of applause yet.:noway:

    Three pounds is better than nothing. Anyone trying to lose weight, would love to lose three pounds right now... so her comment DOES get a lot of applause!

    Your comment was unnecessary, seriously. If your not here to support then why comment? :huh:
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    Your body fluctuates +-7 lbs daily from water weight alone.

    Did you weigh in right when you woke up? That has an effect on weight as well...time of day matters.

    Want to get really excited hit the suana for a few might lose an easy 5 lbs.

    I take poops that are 3 lbs....

    Im just kidding of course! I am happy when the scale shows a pound less.......thats enough motivation to keep with it and helps me stay motivated.

    I am sure you may be the same way. Congrats on dropping weight!