Do you take a daily or weekly approach to calories?

I feel like since I made my first post a few days ago I'm spamming everyone, but it's just really nice to talk about this stuff with people!

Anyway, throughout the weekday I'm usually under my calorie goal, sometimes by as much as 600 (including exercise calories, which I don't eat back).

Then on the weekend I am usually OVER -- not by 600, but by a good 150-300 each day (Sat and Sun). It's too hard and I'm too social to stick to it on the weekends :(:(:( Believe me, I'm working on it.

Do you think this stuff evens out???


  • ohjoy908
    ohjoy908 Posts: 53 Member
    lol too many numbers for me!! i just go one day at a time or i get overwhelmed. and if i have a bad day one day i can start fresh the next day.
  • dgyfrsh
    dgyfrsh Posts: 5
    I take the weekly approach. I know I need to be under during the week so I can be over on the weekends. It's been an effective method.
  • stfuriada
    stfuriada Posts: 445 Member
    Daily. Otherwise I'd end up having days where I'd only be able to eat up to 500 cals a day. NO THANKS.