Best protein powder?

I'm looking to add some protein powder to my food list but have never bought it before. What brand and flavor is your favorite? What's a good calorie amount per scoop and how much does it normally cost? Anything else I should think about before purchasing? Thanks!


  • 1holegrouper
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    Before purchasing I would really assess what your actual protein requirements are. I used to buy into the bodybuilding mindset of very high protein, etc. I do so no longer. Secondly, do you want dairy derived protein- which is the most common. While it is the most common and usually most potent raw material for protein powders you have to decide if you can handle the toxins that go with dairy products and determine if this may raise allergic effects in your system- sometimes they can be very subtle but still there.

    After that if you still need some protein supplimentation then Jay Robb makes some of the best on the market and he will charge you for that quality. If you don't need so much then hemp protein powder is awesome and goes great with salads.
  • got2lovedisney
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    My favorites are the Syntrax Nectars line, whey protein isolate. 25g/protein per scoop and only about 90-100 calories. I've tried Pure Protein and Eas and both left a chemical taste in my mouth although mixing with soymilk masks that. I've also tried the Light Muscle Milk and didn't like the aftertaste either but everyone's taste buds are different. If you want to get some samples, try: