How MFP changed my life



  • VAMommyAgain
    VAMommyAgain Posts: 400 Member
    I know she's going to say yes but I'm still dying in suspense!!!
  • MiniMichelle
    MiniMichelle Posts: 807 Member
    The most romantic proposal. I have tears and I don't even know you guys. :drinker: :flowerforyou: :love: :heart:
  • tpittsley77
    tpittsley77 Posts: 607 Member
    This is the best post ever!!!! She better say yes! Congratulations on meeting the love of your life! Say yes!!
  • NZsleever
    NZsleever Posts: 20
    Hope she says yes! Very romatic indeed:heart:
  • artemisnyc
    artemisnyc Posts: 36
    The best MFP success story Ever!!!
  • Sunscreenandsweat
    Sunscreenandsweat Posts: 190 Member
    This is the cutest thing ever. =]
  • ElleOQuent
    ElleOQuent Posts: 431 Member
    Oh my goodness! This is THE SWEETEST thing ever.

    I wish you both so much happiness. Always. :heart:
  • ken1994
    ken1994 Posts: 495 Member
    The suspense is killing me, this is awesome!!!!!!!
  • Elizabeth_C34
    Elizabeth_C34 Posts: 6,376 Member
  • Michellerawrrr
    Michellerawrrr Posts: 312 Member
    :heart: Beautiful!!!!
  • VeganJamiOnAMission
    VeganJamiOnAMission Posts: 65 Member
    This is the sweetest thing I have ever seen!
  • abbybean11
    abbybean11 Posts: 122 Member
    so cute!!! is this real????
  • Elizabeth_C34
    Elizabeth_C34 Posts: 6,376 Member
    so cute!!! is this real????

    Yes, very real! :smile:
  • lmelangley
    lmelangley Posts: 1,039 Member
    I'm truly crying. Can't wait to see her response. Of course, if it were me, I'd be too crazy to write tonight!
  • becoming_a_new_me
    becoming_a_new_me Posts: 1,860 Member
  • kateistoned
    kateistoned Posts: 116
    Giiiirrrrllll, congrats!!!!! You guys are so adorable and amazing together :) I'd love to take you out for a beer to celebrate!
  • parys1
    parys1 Posts: 2,064 Member
    So beautiful :flowerforyou:

    Can't wait to see her response!
  • mauck7
    mauck7 Posts: 74
    so cute!!! is this real????

    Totally REAL!!! Sweetest thing EVER!!
  • njmp
    njmp Posts: 277 Member
    If someone proposed to me like that there would be a lot of things I was doing first before I posted!!! Hahaha but she's gotta know we're allllll waiting!
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