74 pounds down and i'm finally in that bikini!



  • NuevaNatalia
    NuevaNatalia Posts: 72 Member
  • bananasincereal
    bananasincereal Posts: 19 Member
    You look amazing- what an inspiration! I want your legs :)
  • M_lifts
    M_lifts Posts: 2,224 Member
    wow! you look amazing! love your bikini too
  • fbandit14
    fbandit14 Posts: 61 Member
    Thanks for sharing!!! Keeps me at it!!!
  • ChristaFall
    ChristaFall Posts: 72 Member
    Dang girl..you look awesome! Nice work!
  • marylynn85
    marylynn85 Posts: 496 Member
    You look great! Congrats!
  • LaviMc
    LaviMc Posts: 355 Member
    You look FABULOUS, dahling! :)
  • michellelhartwig
    michellelhartwig Posts: 498 Member
    VERY nice! Thanks for sharing your success!!
  • mjmcruz
    mjmcruz Posts: 26
  • Nevi83
    Nevi83 Posts: 16
    You look amazing and the cut of the bikini is very flattering to you! An inspiration to those of us just starting our journey!
  • sweetNsassy2584
    sweetNsassy2584 Posts: 515 Member
    WOW!! I didn't expect such a huge response. Thank you for all of your kind words. I have been flooded with emails with questions so I think the easiest way to respond would be to post a blog. That's what I'll be doing today. Thanks again!
  • obolton756
    obolton756 Posts: 261 Member
    excellent job! i would KILL for your stomach!!!
  • lexusjade
    lexusjade Posts: 45 Member
    Amazing! congrats!
  • DemiRaye
    DemiRaye Posts: 37
    WOW! This is truly an inspiration. I hope to be in your shoes one day.
  • eprybs
    eprybs Posts: 36 Member
    Wow, not just thin, but super fit! Congrats to you- so inspiring!
  • dvisser1
    dvisser1 Posts: 788 Member
    Damn....thin, fit, stunning.... amazing! Congratulations to you, you've done a great job transforming your life.
  • melanielupien
    melanielupien Posts: 54 Member
    Looking great :)
  • vonne06
    vonne06 Posts: 42
    WOW! Such and inspiration! You look amazing! I hope that I can look half as good as you do at my 1 year anniversary.
  • tnqnt
    tnqnt Posts: 397 Member
    Amazing!! Would love to know how you did it... what did you eat? how much did you work out?
  • Aka8941
    Aka8941 Posts: 29 Member
    wonderful! your stomach is hot! good job
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