30 Day Shred Sucesses...

SSAHM Posts: 172 Member
I have just ordered the 30 Day Shred success dvd and i have heard it is very effective i wanted to see if anyone had photos/weight losses/cm losses from the 30 days that they would like to share?


  • LucyLocket92
    LucyLocket92 Posts: 13 Member
    Hi :-)

    I'm currently on Day Three, Level Two of 30DS, and I've got to tell you it is VERY effective! So far, I have lost two pounds which doesn't sound like a great deal, I know, but I have started to notice subtle but very noticeable changes in my physique. My arms and legs are more defined and I feel physically stronger, and I'm only half way through!

    My advice to you would be to keep at it :-) 30DS *will* push you - you might watch it through first and think "I can do that with my eyes shut, holding 10lb weights on one leg", but it is surprising how much you feel the burn (in a good way!). So far, I've done it without taking any breaks, although I almost did yesterday. Level two is a biiiig step up!

    Good luck! Let us all know how you do! :-) xx
    SSAHM Posts: 172 Member
    cant wait for my dvd to turn up it should be here friday!!! :)
  • lampson1
    lampson1 Posts: 25
    It works!! I've got two days left of Workout 3. I didn't do measurements before I started, but have seen significant changes in my shape since I started the 30DS despite only losing a few pounds. I noticed body changes within the first 8 eight days of workout 1. I have muscles again! I love that it's only a 20 minute workout and it works all body parts and makes you sweat in a short time. My strength has improved tremendously too!
  • veronicacannon
    veronicacannon Posts: 107 Member
    Sadly I went through all 3 levels and had only 4 days left and I QUIT! I have no idea why I just got super lazy all of a sudden. But I lost about 5 pounds and over 10 inches alll over. I suggest taking before/after pics and measurements, you'll thank yourself later! Good luck and DON'T quit like I did! ;p
  • slindsey137
    slindsey137 Posts: 214 Member
    Do a search, its probably one of the most popular topics!
  • I'm only 1/2 way through level one and can totally feel changes. I've lost about 2 pounds so far, and for me that's amazing in such a short time! It is such a serious workouk!
  • wendytc
    wendytc Posts: 189 Member
    I bought it on Amazon (super cheap) and watched it yesterday to see how hard it would be. I am going to start it tomorrow. Will definitely take the advice and take pics and measurments. I like that the choreography is not intricate (by no means for Lvl 1) and its 20 minutes. Will update this thread in 30 days. :-)
  • MooMooooo
    MooMooooo Posts: 306 Member
    My husband and I have been using the free level 1 on youtube.
    Today is day 9.

    We have not skipped any days - even though we were super sore the first few days.

    I have ordered the DVD from ebay - hopefully it will get here soon (we will be stuck on level 1 until it arrives) we can't get the direct download from Amazon because of our countries restrictions :(

    Biggest changes are in my legs - they feel harder - the muscles are harder.
  • gingerveg
    gingerveg Posts: 748 Member
    I didn't take before and after pictures but I noticed a huge change in how my clothes fit. Love the shred!!
  • WenonaY
    WenonaY Posts: 203
    I posted mine a few days ago if you want to search for it. It's called 3 day shred. I forgot to the the 0 after the 3.
  • WenonaY
    WenonaY Posts: 203
    Right now its on page 10
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