Very new runner.

I just started c25k im on week 5. Ithought i was progressing pretty well. But i keep looking at how fast other people are running and i get discouraged. Ive seen on here and on other sites that beginner runners are running 10-12min miles. Me....well...i havent even run a straight mile yet. On week 5 of c25k i finish a mile in about 16 minutes thats with walking some. Probably running it would be more like 14-15min mile. I run ata 4.1-4.3 on the treadmill. Which i know my time will even be worse when i transition to outdoors. I try to go faster but i get too worn out and feel like quitting before the workouts over.

Ive never been a runner...ever. Never really been very active. In the 5th grade when kids should be running around like crazy...i got my mother to write my doctors exscuse to get out of track and field day. *embarrassed*. but im trying to change.

How can i keep from getting discouraged? am i doing horribly bad at runningg and should look for a different form of exercise? I want to sign up for the color me rad 5k in August but im afriad ill make a fool outta myslef coming in last.


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    You're just starting. Good for you! Keep it up. Don't compare yourself to other. No matter how well you think you are doing there is someone out there who thinks you are doing so much better than they are. Determination will get you where you want to go. Don't give up. A year and a half ago I could barely walk a brisk mile without being winded. Now I run a mile on average about 9 minutes. Took me 6 months before I could run a 10 minute mile and it wasn't consistent.

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    It's so hard not to compare yourself to how others are doing, especially when you see them whizzing by you. I know exactly how you feel because I am super slow. I jog/walk a minute each and average about a 14-15 minute mile. I get passed by walkers, lol. It was really hard at the start, but I forced myself to sign up for races and I just keep doing them. The first 10K I did, I was the very last person to cross the finish line. I was doing well for a while, and then I got discouraged about being so slow and I stopped running for a while. Now I am trying to get back into it, and I signed up to join a running club in a few weeks. I am hoping it will help me not to feel so self conscious about my speed, or lack thereof. A friend of mine told me this, and I keep repeating it to myself : DLF > DNF >DNS (dead last finish > did not finish > did not start)
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    I run better outside...faster and longer.

    and it kinda sounds like you're psyching yourself out a bit. You can do this. You ARE doing it. Keep it up and in a few weeks your hardest run now will seem like the easiest run ever :)
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    hey you're way faster than the people who aren't doing anything.

    and just think, there's someone going slower looking at YOU and thinking I wish i could go that fast.

    i agree with not comparing yourself with others. compete with yourself instead and be patient!

    6 months ago i could barely walk on the treadmill at a speed of 3.5 for 30 minutes, just today at lunch i took an easy jog for 35 minutes at speed of 5.2 and i really wasnt focused on running for half of those months.
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    Hang in there! It does take time. You'll get better. Also, you might want to do some online research on how to run well. You might be using a lot of energy running ineffeciently.

    I use barefoot running to improve my technique. I'm no expert, but improving my form makes the running much easier and less tiring. I HATED to run as a kid. HATED it. Now I'm sort of obessed with it.

    Keep it up! Nothing burns calories like running, that's the other benefit.

    Good luck to you :smile:
  • I started c25k last May. I was "running" at around 3.5mph when I got up to 8mins or more at a time. Not impressive in my book. THEN when I started running outside around week 8 of the program I was surprised that my speed was FASTER than on the treadmill. I am now training for a 1/2 marathon this September and I currently run about 5mph outside. DO NOT be DISCOURAGED! Don't compare yourself to others. You're doing great!!
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    Don't worry if you are "slow." I have been running for a bit over a year and still run 13 minute miles (sometimes 14). On a good day, I can run one mile around the 10 minute mark. It's not about how fast you go. I even managed to finish a half marathon running very slowly. :)
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    I understand where you're coming from. I do this all the time. I'm not much faster than you. It's SO hard not to compare. But something I've heard from almost EVERY runner I've ever talked to has said something like this... "MOST runners are not out there to compete with other runners. Most runners are competing with themselves." Running is an intensely personal sport. The only person you should be trying to outrun is the "old you." I know this is SO much easier said than done, but keep going. Failing isn't crossing the finish line last, it's not even having the courage to start! You can do it!
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    Keep at it. It gets better.

    And remember, no matter how slow you are, you're faster than the fellow sitting on the couch. :smile:
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    I just started running too and I'm super slow but what helped me was getting an app on my phone that tracks and times my runs. I started out running 5k in about 50 minutes (taking walking breaks because I was tired) and now I'm down to 35 minutes! I don't know what that is compared to super fit people but just the fact that I improved is enough motivation for me. Compete against YOURSELF, not others! It was so motivating to look at the tracker and see that I even improved by 1 minute. Good luck!
  • Don't compare yourself to others. I ran my first 5K in 16+ years this past Sunday. For me, it wasn't a "race" so much as a personal goal. I finished 90 out of 140 runners and I COULD NOT BE PROUDER! Go at your own pace. You're off the couch and doing it...the speed and consistency will come with time. The important thing is you're doing it and NOT giving up!
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    Try not to be so hard on yourself!! I too am a slow runner. I was running around 13min miles when I finished c25k, but after running 4 times a week for about 3-4 months I was up to around 11.30-12 minute miles. With time you will start to get faster. I am constantly judging myself and my ability based on other people's speed, so I know it's hard not to. But really, just because someone is faster than me doesnt mean that I am not busting my butt and doing AWESOME!! Just try to remind yourself where you came from, and all the work you are putting in to get to where you want to be!
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    I'm about to start week 4 of C25K tomorrow. Previous replies are right on, do not try to compare yourself to others I think I did just about a 2 miles on my last session of C25K (I do not measure my miles, just look to see if I went further from my house then last time)

    When I do the running part is not how fast I am going, I focus on my pace and breathing. I wear my HRM and know that my heart is working hard on those runs.

    When I look back to week 1 of C25K I think---WOW... I'm running for longer periods now, before C25K I could barely get up 1 flight of stairs. Be proud of how far you have come and don't worry about how others are doing. This journey is about YOU!
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    Worry about running for now, speed comes later. While you're building your endurance and conditioning the right muscles for running, you need to be running slowly or you risk injury. Stay at a pace where you can breath and carry on a conversation - don't worry about what that pace is, it doesn't matter. Once you get up to the full 5K distance non-stop you can work on your speed and I promise it will come. My first timed mile (AFTER I had been running for a while) was 12:40. My last timed mile was 8:20. Can I carry that speed for a 10K, NO WAY! :) Lucky if I can do just over 10:00/mile. Learning to run isn't a race. Racing comes after you learn....
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    Seriously.... at least you're doing it and you are running laps around the people sitting on the couch! To be honest, I've been running for a few months and I"m BARELY past you (on the treadmill I"m between a 4.6-4.8 comfortably!), but you know what my 13 minute miles are definitely surpassing the 18 minute miles that I started with a few months ago! Every week it seems I'm getting faster and thats what you need to look at - progress! No one started running a 7 minute mile. People get there with practice! You're heading in the right direction! Stay positive!
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    I agree with Angfish, when I run on the treadmill it is at about a 10 min pace but outside is 8 to 8and a half (it is so much more enjoyable). You will really be surprised how much longer/faster you will do outside, and your stride will improve (on a treadmill I never feel like I can stretch and lengthen it out). Don't get discouraged, and remember what an accomplishment it is that you are out there moving and getting stronger (while most aren't doing anything). Try to set personal goals and celebrate personal improvements!!
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    I can jog anywhere from 30-60 mins straight. Issue is, thats at a 14-15:30 min/mile pace. Im currently 250lbs and but I can finally see the stop watch moving in the right direction. It takes time for your body to adjust to jogging from walking. To me the best thing about jogging vs walking... you burn more cals jogging then walking! Thats all the motivation I need. Ive never been a runner either. I consider myself more a wogger. Speed will come with time. If you want some good running advise head on over to Runners World forum. Just keep it because it will get easier. The weight will come off and so will the mins. I did 3 weeks of C25K but since I could already could run 30 mins straight I started my own program. Sunday was the first time Ive jogged 2 miles in under 30 mins. My goal is 1 year 100 lbs and I feel now that I have started jogging it will def become a reality.

    Baby steps to the finish line...
  • Kayand10
    Kayand10 Posts: 2 glad i made this post. All of you are really encouraging and too see some people out there that are in the same boat as me....and to see how others have improved significantly is really motivating to me. I was really discouraged but now i am excited for my next run knowing it will eventually make me better.

    I have significantly improved my time...when i started week 1 i was barely able to do the. 1 min....week 5 day 1....on the last running interval (5 min on treadmill) at the end i kept going just to see bc i felt good and ran 12 min straight. Im going to try to just look at my improvements and not judge myself based on others.

    Thank u all so much!
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    I understand where you're coming from. I do this all the time. I'm not much faster than you. It's SO hard not to compare. But something I've heard from almost EVERY runner I've ever talked to has said something like this... "MOST runners are not out there to compete with other runners. Most runners are competing with themselves." Running is an intensely personal sport. The only person you should be trying to outrun is the "old you." I know this is SO much easier said than done, but keep going. Failing isn't crossing the finish line last, it's not even having the courage to start! You can do it!


    Also, most big half marathons that I've been in have a 4-hr time limit on finishing the race- 15 minute miles would put you well ahead of that 4-hr limit, meaning you would have groups of people that finish before you, and groups that finish after you. I know you're not ready to run 13.1 fifteen minute miles, just want to give you some perspective- people finish half marathons and marathons with a slower pace than yours. :smile:
  • Don't be discouraged! Some run fast, some run less fast. It's still running, and if you enjoy it you should keep at it. If it makes you feel any better, I started out doing C25k and have now run two half marathons. My speed is still around 14 minutes per mile.