What do you do for work?



  • SilviCor
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  • Donnaakamagmid
    Donnaakamagmid Posts: 198 Member
    Shoe model.. Yes I am serious... I get paid to do this shiznit!

    ^ dream job but I'd want all the shoes!

    I freaking love it!! Yea some of them are like $1,500.. For like Guieseppe

    Do they need any help, I have pretty feet :bigsmile:
  • _Timmeh_
    _Timmeh_ Posts: 2,096 Member
    Bath salt sales. Been doing really well lately!
  • sweetheart03622
    sweetheart03622 Posts: 928 Member
    Corporate event planner
  • ZombieSlayer
    ZombieSlayer Posts: 369 Member
    To pay the bills - receptionist at a welding shop
    Other - Photographer (just starting with paying jobs (1st one was a couple weeks ago) so won't support the family yet)
  • gseburn
    gseburn Posts: 456 Member
    IT Nerd (Systems Administrator), musician and composer. Guess which one I'd rather be doing full time? :-)
  • pre-school teacher
  • usera1365
    usera1365 Posts: 146 Member
    Manufacturing Engineer (process control/machine programming)
  • HornsUT32
    HornsUT32 Posts: 163 Member
    Middle/high school teacher :)
  • ShanR77
    ShanR77 Posts: 287 Member
    Lab Assistant + real life vampire (aka phlebotomist)
  • Emancipated_Tai
    Emancipated_Tai Posts: 756 Member
    Vendor Development and Compliance Coordinator

    Yes, i stil don't understand what that is either!
  • Hestion
    Hestion Posts: 740 Member
    Was Subcontractors wages ( Accounts Administrator), about to start a job as Travel Money Advisor :-)
  • inside_lap
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  • SilviCor
    SilviCor Posts: 110 Member
    Shoe model.. Yes I am serious... I get paid to do this shiznit!

    How did you get this job? I want it!

    Ha.. It was in newspaper I applied.. I'm still in shock it awesome! Best boss & job ever!!

    Can you show us some pics of your feet? I think mine are great but maybe I'm fooling myself ;-)
  • km_jenn
    km_jenn Posts: 107
    Tech support manager for Apple!
  • BigAlfrn
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    male escort for the ladies ;o)
  • KBienn
    KBienn Posts: 23 Member
    Occupational Therapy - i LOVE my job!!! :)
  • arickim
    arickim Posts: 137
    Nothing...well I am considered a stay-at-home mom, but my son is 7 and is in school. So, I am just a lady that stays home I guess.
  • Daisy_Cutter
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    Desert Tortoise Biologist
  • US Postal Employee