Adding more protein without adding fat and cals too



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    How many g of protein does the program recommend. Protein should not really be based on %ages, but on g per body weight. 50% is very high.

    It recommends 50% :(

    well, you/we are missing some information here. "50 %" of....your total caloric intake is supposed to be protein? that number could vary wildly. for example, if my total daily calories were 1700, that would mean 850 calories, or 212 grams would have to be protein. Thats OK, if you are on a deliberate strength-training protocol. by the same token, if you are trying to stick to a 1300 calorie a day plan, 600 calories or 150 grams of protein is what you would be aiming for, leaving not much for fats and carbs, both of which are necessary in greater quantities if you are strength-training.
    the previous poster is more correct in basing your macro requirements on lean body mass and activity type and level. Not saying you couldn't plug P90X into that and come up with something suitable. FWIW, I strength train 3 days a week, have an LBM of about 122 pounds, BF% of 17 and I weigh about 144 pounds, give or take. On training days my proein intak is between 149 - 155 grams of protein and my carbs are between 180 - 230, depending on how hungry i am :)
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    Honestly, that protein goal is wayy too high. That much protein serves no usefull function. At most you should be at 2 grams per kilogram of lean body mass and even that is kinda high but would not get you to 50% of calories.

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    Cottage Cheese Ambrosia

    2 cups FF cottage cheese
    Sugar-Free Lime gelatin mix (1 box)
    1 cup crushed pineapple
    1 cup drained mandarin oranges
    1 container FF cool whip

    Mix all together ... a 1 cup serving is only 193 calories (30g carbs, NO FAT, 13g protein, 1g fiber)

    Of course that's based on the stuff in my store and almost all of it is my store-brand stuff, but it should be pretty darn close.
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    eggwhites and chicken : )
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    Try out some of the protein powders out there, there are TONS to choose from. Nearly all of them have just protein and that's it. They're a great way to add protein without adding any fat or carbs. I love Gaspari Myofusion Probiotic protein powder. They make it in a bunch of different flavors and GNC sells it. If you can't find it at GNC, you can order it off of

    Thank you! I will def check this out. I've been sticking with the same old protein shake lol I need to venture out more!
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    Personally, I wouldn't go for the 50%...I did P90X, and had great results with 40/30/30. Just my .02 worth.

    I appreciate your 2 cents :) lol I am actually thinking of switching it to a 40/30/30.
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    I'm a vegetarian so I have a hard time getting massive amounts of protein that are recommended too, I think my goal is 45% or something like that. Why don't you just have more egg whites? All of the protein is in the white, about 6g each and I think around 17 calories.. just eat like 8 of them (or more) instead of 3, they're totally guilt free.. I eat mine with salsa, 15 cals a tbsp. I also chop up some spinach and toss it into my egg white omlette for even more hidden protein, without extra fat + about 15-20 cals a cup I think. Or buy some fat free cottage cheese!!! I buy Nordica and it's 16 grams of protein per 1/2 cup and I think about 100 cals.
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    I use Iso Pure Zero Carb creamy vanilla whey protein powder with Silk brand unsweetened almond milk and it's awesome.

    1.5 cups of almond milk & 1.5 scoops of powder is only 202 calories & 38 g of protein. You can also use So Delicious brand protein plus unsweetened almond milk and ad 1 carb (i think) and up the protein by 7 g for this serving..... so 45 g total protein with that brand of almond milk and probably 215 calories.... a couple of grams of carbs and fats but nothing too major.

    Of course, I also eat a whole lot of chicken breast too.... boneless skinless and unseasoned/unprocessed in any way.
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    Greek-style Yogurt and Cottage Cheese are very versatile while providing good amounts of protein at lower calories. Personally, I buy both Fage Total 0% and Total original (full-fat) varieties for various recipes. With those, you can create some rather delicious yet healthy deserts that will fill you up like a meal.

    My breakfast for example is:
    3 Eggland's Best Extra Large Eggs (can replace with Egg Whites to exclude fat)
    1/2 cup Daisy Cottage Cheese
    1/2 cup diced Strawberries
    1/4 diced Ya Pear
    1 teaspoon crushed Hazelnuts
    1/2 teaspoon Saigon Cinnamon
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    I'm also doing a high-protein diet for 6 weeks while on a heavy lifting program, and it's really hard to consume 150 g of protein per day! I do really enjoy Jay Robb protein powders (whey and egg protein). I also keep hard boiled eggs and sustainably-caught tuna on hand, and I plan to make several batches of steamed shrimp with Old Bay seasoning.
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    ahamm002 wrote: »
    Just have some turkey or chicken! Or any kind of non-processed meat! It's pure protein and tastes good.

    But then you have the fat....
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    Shrimp. 6 oz shrimp (I buy the frozen already cooked kind that thaw quickly under warm water) 1 tsp of horseradish and 1 Tbl of ketchup for the cocktail sauce is 185 calories, 5 g carb, 2 g fat and a whopping 36 g protein. Most of the carbs are in the ketchup.

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    Lowfat Cottage Cheese
    Lowfat Greek Yogurt

    Pretty much any seafood:

    Game meat (tends to be lower in fat)
    Egg whites

    I've been mixing greek yogurt with protein powder for a "pudding" that works really well. I like the Cottage Cheese Ambrosia recipe!