Injury NSV!!

I started working with Kettlebells back in Feb...had already been lifting weights again since Dec. I have a torn rotator cuff on the left and just have not been able to up my weights on that side at all. UNTIL YESTERDAY!!

I"ve been doing Kettlebell punches in my routine and have gotten myself up to a 12 pounder on my right with the punches but couldnt get past 8 on the torn cuff....Yesterday I did 10 lb punches with it!!!

So exited to move forward! :smile:


  • shbretired
    shbretired Posts: 320 Member
    Best of luck, hope it gets better.

    I just started trying the Kettle bell in one exercise, and so far can only do 10 increments.

    I swim the breast stroke to keep my torn rotator going.
  • groomchick
    groomchick Posts: 610 Member
    I will try that too....I swim a lot. I want to do everything possible to keep from having surgery!
  • simbatabby
    simbatabby Posts: 35
    Thats fabulous news hun, your getting stronger in that arm all the time and so proud that you keep with it also utterly amazed that you can lift a 12 lb kettle brilliant stuff :)) x
  • XXXMinnieXXX
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    Wonderful NSV. So happy for you. Feels great getting stronger! Keep it up sweetheart! Very proud of you for keeping pushing forward, its not easy with an injury! X
  • CurlyJo53
    CurlyJo53 Posts: 14 Member
    Jill, that is awesome news. It takes a long time for those type of injuries to heal but sounds like you are make great strides..... congratulations! Another reason I should invest in those bells....:heart: