When do you track your food?

Do you:
Right after you eat
Or at the end of the day?


  • cristileigh
    cristileigh Posts: 158 Member
    I log right after I eat...but when my calories left are low I will try and find/log what I will eat the rest of the day so that I don't go over.
  • escloflowneCHANGED
    escloflowneCHANGED Posts: 3,038 Member
    I log everything the night before so I can go to the gym and know what I need to burn. I usually just stop working out when I reach that point.
  • jadamuriel76
    jadamuriel76 Posts: 58 Member
    Right after I eat.
  • LeenaRuns
    LeenaRuns Posts: 1,309 Member
    I log (pretty much) my entire day while I eat breakfast to make sure I hit all my macros and micros.
  • LMP18
    LMP18 Posts: 81 Member
    It depends on the day for me. Mainly I log after I eat it - UNLESS I am going out or want to check where I will be with my calories etc once I eat something - typically if I am doing this I shouldnt be eating said item and usually dont eat it.
  • i do it after breakfast i plan my foods before that way i make sure id nt overeat
  • pbajwally
    pbajwally Posts: 210 Member
    I log my food after I eat it throughout the day.
  • amanda8o
    amanda8o Posts: 352 Member
    I log 1st thing in the morning so I know what I need to burn and seem to do better when I have my food for the day planned out.
  • arickim
    arickim Posts: 137
    I pre log so I can plan my meals/grocery list. I like it that way so I don't buy more/less at the store
  • Elen_Sia
    Elen_Sia Posts: 638 Member
    Do you:
    Right after you eat
    Or at the end of the day?

    Pre. For the entire week. I don't have a budget for eating out so it's easy for me to do this.
  • bpwparents
    bpwparents Posts: 359 Member
    I have to log right when I eat or sometimes I do it beforehand if I already have lunch packed when I log my breakfast. This helps me not forget the little things you might snack on and also to keep better track of water consumption. My husband told me I was going overboard with this but hey, this is what works for me!
  • Bobby_Clerici
    Bobby_Clerici Posts: 1,828 Member
    When I have access, I log in RIGHT AWAY!
    I forget stuff, or if I pre-log, then I have to go back and correct it if I have to deviate for some reason.
    I like having the option of swift, sure input for true and correct output.
  • linochka1969
    linochka1969 Posts: 136 Member
    Right after or right before I make my first bite
  • inside_lap
    inside_lap Posts: 738 Member
    I use to preplan to make sure I didn't go over (and correct throughout the day). Now, I mostly just log after bc I'm pretty good about figure out where I am in my calories and what I can have.
  • Wecandothis
    Wecandothis Posts: 1,083 Member
    Both. I know what I"ll be eating for Breakfast, 2 snacks and Lunch before Breakfast so I log it then. Then for the rest of the day I log it as soon as I know I'm going to eat it.
  • Reana27
    Reana27 Posts: 63 Member
    It depends for me. During the week, I typically track breakfast and lunch while I am eating, and then figure out what to have for dinner based on the amount of calories I have left for the day. The weekends are harder for me as I usually sleep in and don't eat breakfast. I try to track as close to real time as I can so I don't "forget" anything :tongue:
  • TooHott2Trott
    TooHott2Trott Posts: 57 Member
    I always pre-journal. Mainly because it lets me take a look at exactly what I'm eating the next day and let's me know what I need to pack in my food box.....
  • H8T3D
    H8T3D Posts: 77 Member
    I track my food most of the time right after I eat it unless I'm out and about, even than I track on my phone sometimes...
  • CoachMelissaDi
    CoachMelissaDi Posts: 215 Member
    First thing in the morning. Log it all in and stick to the plan!
  • momof4ts
    momof4ts Posts: 118
    As soon after i eat as i can