Lessons Learned

What are lessons you have learned along the way towards your fitness and nutritional goals?

The main lessons I've learned are:

1. Eat fibrous foods, and drink plenty of water - If you don't, you'll eventually cause havoc to your GI tract
2. Let go of overly negative relationships - People will drag you down, if you let them
3. Sometimes it's best to exercise by yourself - Don't become obliged to join someone else's fitness plan unless it's good for you
4. Time management & Planning ahead - You have got to set yourself up for success
5. Don't be afraid to ask for help - That really fit guy or girl at the gym wasn't always that fit, and can help you out if you ask them
6. At the end of the day, when you go to sleep, remember that your efforts are worthwhile.


  • turtledreamer
    turtledreamer Posts: 12 Member
    I like your lessons learned...

    I still have a long journey, but so far I have learned....

    1. I am worth it.
    2. No one is going to do it for me, so research, learn and make it happen.
    3. You can still live life and eat food while changing your lifestyle to a healthier one, just do it smarter.
    4. Not all healthy food choices taste bad... I have found a lot of foods that I always "turned my nose up to" to be quite tasty and very fulfilling.

    5. The world is not skinny, so I am not alone on this path to healthiness. There are many like me, but I choose to make myself different. I want to be the exception.

  • Dipmom
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    Those are all great.

    The biggest lesson I am learning is that we are all taking this path together...but we all do it differently. What works for you may not work for me, and I need to find the right balance that makes me happy, comfortable and is sustainable.
  • Pebble321
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    Find a way of eating that works for you.
    Find some kind of exercise that you enjoy
    Keep doing both of these - for life!
  • monyango
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    1. We make mistakes and have bad days but each day we are given a chance to be better than we were the day prior.
    2. Rewarding yourself with food is a bad habit and hard to break so don't do it to your kids
    3. I don't need to weigh myself 15 times a day. Once a week is sufficient.
    4. Smile, laugh and rest because stress keeps you fat...happiness is just as important as "skinny"
  • JenAiMarres
    JenAiMarres Posts: 781
    Listen to your body....you NEED to rest sometimes.

    Do what works for u...not your fellow mfp'ers...don't lift if u don't want to...don't eat back excercize cals if u don't want. Etc etc.

    There is a grey area...not everything is black and white.
  • sophie_wr
    sophie_wr Posts: 194 Member
    1) plann ahead for food, especially if you go out for dinner
    2) eating less but more often
    3) time for exercise. Every day ! no excuse !
    4) telling your friends about diet and no, you dont want margharitas tonight.
    5) as already seen, not weighting 15 times/day
    6) MFP community is AWESOME !!!
  • Brandicaloriecountess
    Brandicaloriecountess Posts: 2,126 Member
    1: plan ahead.
    2: be confidant in your own abilities
    3: find workouts you love.
  • MisterDubs303
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    Don't start over tomorrow. Start over right now.
  • sumeetn
    sumeetn Posts: 56
    Portion control IS IMPORTANT
  • rainbownerdsgirl
    rainbownerdsgirl Posts: 14 Member
    If you don't weight and measure your food you are just cheating yourself. 3 ounces is a very very small portion size .
  • hypallage
    hypallage Posts: 624 Member
    Don't change things too often...Sometimes things take a little while to work, don't be afraid to make changes though.
  • ssilvey726
    ssilvey726 Posts: 107 Member
    Do this for yourself. Don't do it for your significant other, your sibling, etc.

    As someone that lost a ton of weight trying to do it for someone other than myself, once that person is gone, it's very hard to maintain the motivation. But if you are your own motivation, you'll always keep on top of things!
  • awisegirl84
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    The biggest lesson I am learning is that we are all taking this path together...but we all do it differently. What works for you may not work for me, and I need to find the right balance that makes me happy, comfortable and is sustainable.
    This is my mantra for life!
  • dbfuru
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    Losing weight takes a while, especially if you do it in a healthy manner, measuring food and calculating intake is probably 90% if not more of weight loss, and that a hair cut will do wonders for you!
  • It's interesting and inspiring to read about everyone's journey towards better health. Lots of great lessons learned on this thread, and I wish all of you the best!
  • jerber160
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  • redcat17
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    1. Be patient. You didn't gain weight overnight, so don't think you can lose it that fast.
    2. Don't starve yourself and have a treat now and again. That way you won't be as tempted to binge.
    3. Find exercise you love, and stop making excuses for why you can't do it. Even if you think you don't want to work out, you will feel better when you do.
    4. Listen to your body and take a rest day. Working out should be a lifestyle, but it isn't your entire life.
  • First time bumping :smile:
  • The lessons I've learned SO FAR... I still have a long ways to go... but...

    1. I am not ruled, by my genetics. Just because one side of the family has always struggled and been very heavy, does not mean I have to let myself be doomed.
    2. You can still eat what you like and lose. (I have an extremely picky eater in my family so... yeah... I eat some stuff healthier, but we still have the occasional pizza and such. In moderation, of course.)
    3. Check the calories before you eat. You'll regret it if you don't. I take MyFitnessPal everywhere. Fastest way to lose a craving, look it up on the app. Craving gone!
  • Don't start over tomorrow. Start over right now.

    I can't remember how many times I've had to do that! Glad I did though.