bowesworld before and now pictures

Just completed my second marathon and looking forward to the next.




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    Hope this works ...trying to see your pics

    nevemind didn't work...hopefully someone will fix it for you
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  • GordonHowieson
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    Tanks for you help Jugie12 :smile:
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    wow! great job!!
  • pam6870
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    Great work!!
  • cruise160
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    Good Work! You look awesome!
  • JodyWoo
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    Wow! That's amazing! Congratulations, you look fantastic! And you look so much happier!
  • GordonHowieson
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    Thanks for all of your comments - keep up the good work
  • leehenryfox
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    That is incredible! You look so much younger! Do you have any tips for the rest of us?
  • letmebeda1_wechange
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    awesome job!! thank you for sharing
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    amazing job! keep it up
  • GordonHowieson
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    Thanks everyone, my tips:

    Do it for yourself
    dont dwell on "bad days" get over it and move on
    be patient - keep doing the right things and you will see results
    try and exercise - even a 15 min walk will help
    stay positive
  • supplemama
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    What a HUGE difference! You look awesome, great job!