What 133lbs lost looks like...



  • ccckwalk
    ccckwalk Posts: 262
    AmAZiNG!! Terrific transformation and super motivating!! Your arms are to die for!! Thank you for sharing!! ~Totally inspiring to me!Corina
  • denmark979
    denmark979 Posts: 112 Member
    Now, that's a REAL transformation!!!! GET it girl.
  • craigsaz
    craigsaz Posts: 3 Member
    You are amazing!!!!!!!
  • amazing! great job
  • ShellyShuey
    ShellyShuey Posts: 162
    any tips for the rest of us? That's beautiful!
  • KarCall
    KarCall Posts: 23 Member
    Wow! You are an inspiration!!! Thanks for sharing!
  • katiebythebay
    katiebythebay Posts: 611 Member
    Simply beautiful! I love seeing these posts.

    The before and after's are breath-taking.

    Congratulations, I hope you don't stop here.

  • cbeutler
    cbeutler Posts: 676 Member
    Who is the hot young woman in the after photos. You look 30 years younger!
  • AngieJoy81
    AngieJoy81 Posts: 99 Member
    That is incredible! So inspiring!
  • majones_orl
    majones_orl Posts: 195 Member
    You look wonderful....Share you story with us.
  • Gwenski
    Gwenski Posts: 348 Member
    So uber-happy for you! Your success took my breath away! Thank you so very, very much for posting your photos to prove that it`s possible.. I`m almost half-way..you boosted me toward the final half!
    Thanks again!
  • determinedasever
    determinedasever Posts: 5 Member
    wow you look fantastic and totally different. How long did it take you to lose all of this. I would like to do the same but I guess I have to have patience. Please share some of you good advice for those of us that have lots to lose. :smile:
  • f1ctional
    f1ctional Posts: 235
    dude, that is just awesome!
  • BarbBlue
    BarbBlue Posts: 251
    Wow, you look like a totally different person! Congratulations on all your hard work!
  • jjnt007
    jjnt007 Posts: 302 Member
    Great job. You are such an inspiration to me. Congrats.
  • nuttyfamily
    nuttyfamily Posts: 3,394 Member
    Congrats! You have done very well. Keep up the good work!
  • IMEW
    IMEW Posts: 1 Member
    Great job! I'm just starting out - your post has inspired me!
  • emyjeter
    emyjeter Posts: 75 Member
    You look absolutely amazing! Good for you!
  • That's incredible! Great job! :)
  • casi_ann
    casi_ann Posts: 423 Member
    congratulations you look great :)
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