Red Team Week 29!

Hello ladies, since no one has started this weeks thread I will! :bigsmile:
Hope everyone had a good weekend. I had my first of many xmas celebrations this weekend (I have 4 siblings and we all live in different places so it's easier to get together in November). So I indulged in the booze and wasn't too bad since we're all pretty healthy, but the booze is the issue, lol!
So anyway I weighed in at 210 this morning, and can't really complain after the weekend I had.
Good luck everyone :bigsmile:


  • kstefanski
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    Good afternoon everybody!

    I am at 168.6 today, which is SUPER AMAZING, because I am now at more than 30 pounds lost, and I met my goal, which means pizza and breadsticks on Wednesday!! :bigsmile: I just hope I don't get sick from it... :grumble:

    Also, I am excited because I am really close to my next goal. I wanted to be at 165 by my birthday (Dec. 15th), and it really looks like I will be able to do that! Yay new clothes, chinese food, and cake!

    jb_sweet: That whole alcohol thing will get you every time... It's so expensive calorie-wise! But, having multiple Christmas celebrations sounds like it would be a whole lot of fun!

    I hope everybody else has a good weigh-in and a great day :flowerforyou:
  • jb_sweet_99
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    Wow kstefanski that is fantastic, congrats to you and good job!!!!!! :bigsmile:
    Yes the booze is terrible, which is why I don't normally drink at all. It is nice to celebrate a few times though :bigsmile:
    Good luck on hitting your goal before your b-day, you can do it!
  • Learning2LoveMe
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    Congrats kstefanski! I know you'll make your next goal too. Way to go! :flowerforyou:

    I didn't weigh in this morning, though I'm not expecting a loss. Still getting over this nasty cold but I think I'm well enough to start exercising again :bigsmile:

    Hope everyone had a good week
  • anglbebe
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    Well, I had a good week. I am down 195 from 199. I'm glad I didn't hit 200.. Need motivation.. But thats why I have you guys....
  • kvcarden
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    I'm 189.5 up from 186....I guess I really over did it on the cruise!!!! To add to the insult, I just logged my calories for today and I have eaten 2,029 calories :noway: I'm WAY over & I didn't exercise today :grumble: ok I'm done venting and sulking....tomorrow I will get back on track.

    JB - thanks for starting the thread and I'm glad you're getting to spend time with your family.
    Kstefanski & Anglbebe- congrats on your loss that's great keep up the success!
    Lizagna - glad you're feeling better!

    Hope everyone has a great week :flowerforyou:

  • Well with it being my TOM im still only at 120.2 :)

    Then did some heavy lifting today at work (the kennel). We get this dog food/treat product called Bil Jac that we sell to trainers and sell to other customers. The a-hole maintenance guy took forever to come help. We called his cell, intercomed him, someone else had to call him and he finally came up. And the groomer, Jennifer's, son DJ and I both started helping and carried boxes with 8 bags of Bil Jac (frozen and pretty heavy) Him and i got 90% of them while the maintenance guy only carried off 6. we did good ourselves ;)
  • MelL1205
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    As usual, forgot to weigh in this morning. Pretty sure I'm going to be back up around 180 though... I've been being really bad the past ... month or so.

    I have to read the posts again sometime tomorrow... but good job to all of you. :smile:
  • Hi everyone,
    Congrats to all that have lost and good luck to those that still need to weigh in. To everyone else, chin-up, it is a new week!! I have been pretty busy these past few weeks. I was selected to sit on a jury and the trial is almost over :drinker: I have been able to get in my Turbo Jam workouts and am totally looking forward to weighing in next month. I cannot believe that Thanksgiving is next week!! :noway: Where the heck did this year go?! I will talk to all of you wonderful ladies later!!

  • Learning2LoveMe
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    Crazy is almost the end of the year! Feels like I just moved a month ago (and I moved in March :laugh: )

    I weighed in today at 196. Not too bad for being sick all week. Gotta get my butt in gear so I can enjoy turkey day the right way :wink: .
  • MelL1205
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    So I keep forgetting to weigh when I get up in the mornings. Tonight I'm at 180 (which is severely depressing). So I'm hoping to at least have a 17_ in the morning. I need to get back on trackkkkk.