Is anyone taking Victoza?

My NP is wanting to put me on Victoza because of the "incidental" weight loss associated with it. I am not finding a lot of definitive information about it and don't know if the risks for my pancreas and thyroid are worth it. There has to be another way. BTW, I am also having a hard time eating all of the 1,300 calories I'm supposed to. I am normally about 1,000 or so but don't want to add fat or carbs.:happy:


  • mitchipooo
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    My sister was on Victoza about six months ago and it made her feel constantly nauseous and quite ill. She stuck it out for about three months until she couldn't handle it any more and asked her doctor to switch her meds. I don't know if there was any effect on her thyroid or pancreas but she definitely was not feeling well on it.
  • I have been on Victoza for the past year, and I have had no bad side effects with it. It definitely has an appetite suppressant in it, but you have to alternate doses every few weeks or else you become immune to that benefit of it.